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The Black Vault Discusses Authenticity Of PowerPoint Slide Used In NY Times Article

The Black Vault discusses breaking news: Pentagon spokesperson, Susan Gough, emailed John Greenewald, telling him PowerPoint slide in NY Times article was not used in…

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Evolution Turns Male Anglerfish Into ‘Penis With A Heart’

Evolution turns male anglerfish into a ‘penis with a heart.’ (Photo courtesy of ScienceAlert)

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Bob And Doug Make Prank Calls While Waiting For Hatch To Be Opened

Bob and Doug made prank phone calls from SpaceX Crew Dragon while waiting for hatch to be opened. (Photo courtesy of Cnet)

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NASA Launches Mars Rover; Will Look For Signs Of Ancient Life

NASA launches Mars Rover; will look for signs of ancient life. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Scientists Trying To Save Lake Titicaca ”Scrotum Frog”

Scientists are joining forces in trying to save a giant frog. It lives its entire life in the waters of Lake Titicaca and nearby lagoons….

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Scientists Identify Key Enzyme Behind BO

Scientists identify key enzyme behind BO. (Photo courtesy of

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Tiny 600 Million Year Old Human Fossils Found In Antarctica

Fossils of tiny 600 million year old human fossils found in Antarctica. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

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TikTok Witches Claim To Have Cursed The Moon

Baby witches on TikTok claim to have cursed the moon, with stories of deaths, hexes, and angry gods. (Photo courtesy of the Mary Sue)

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New York Times Latest Article On UFOs, Pentagon, And Washington’s Response

NY Times latest article on UFOs, Pentagon, and Washington’s response. (Photo courtesy of The New York Times)  

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Flapping Drone Can Fly, Dart, And Hover Like A Bird

Flapping drone can fly, dart, and hover like a bird. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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