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Dire Wolves Were Real; DNA Study Reveals They Weren’t Related To The Wolf

Dire wolves were real, and new DNA study  shows they were not even distantly related to the wolf. (Photo courtesy of National Geographic)

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Programmer Locked Out Of Bitcoin Account Has Two Guesses Left To Access The $240 Million Account

Programmer who is locked out of his $240 million Bitcoin account has two guesses left to access the password on the account. (Photo courtesy…

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CIA Declassifies 700 UFO Documents

CIA declassifies 700 UFO documents. (Photo courtesy of Mashable India))

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Astronomers Keeping Close Watch On Next Star Over

Astronomers are keeping a close watch on next star over. (Photo courtesy of Almy)

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First Private Space Mission Most Likely Will Include Tom Cruise

Former astronaut, López-Alegría, will serve as mission commander on first private space mission. Joining him will be businessman and former Israeli fighter pilot Eytan Stibbe….

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Scientists Discover Short-Legged Corgi Giraffes

Scientists discover short-legged corgi giraffes. (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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Why Stress Causes Hair To Turn White

We finally know why stress causes hair to turn white. (Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos)

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Two Companies Building World’s Largest Insect Based Protein Farm

Two companies building world’s largest insect based protein farm. (Photo courtesy of Entrepreneur)

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Drone Created To Sniff Out Odors With Real Moth Antenna Attached

Drone sniffs out odors with a real moth antenna. It’s called a smellicopter. (Photo courtesy of University of Washington)

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Blue UFO Spotted Over Island Of Oahu

UFO spotted by multiple witnesses over the island of Oahu. (Photo courtesy of Hawaiinewsnow)

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