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Orbiting Space Junk Avoids Collision

Orbiting space junk misses collision with each other. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Major Twitter Outage Affected Users Around World

Major Twitter outage affected users around world. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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President Trump Acknowledges UFOs And Could Have Threatened Extraterrestrials

President Donald Trump, when asked about a new Pentagon task force for studying UFOs, replied that he would look into it—and then began boasting about…

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Russia’s Soyuz Rockets No Longer To Carry American Astronauts To ISS

Russia’s Soyuz rockets flying American astronauts to the International Space Station has ended. Starting next month, all future ISS flights involving American astronauts will be operated by…

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Blue Origin Launches First Space Tourism Rocket In Nearly A Year

Blue Origin, the rocket venture founded by Jeff Bezos, launched space tourism rocket from its West Texas test site to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere…

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Radiation Levels At Fracking Sites Significantly Higher Than Background Levels

Radiation levels downwind of U.S. hydraulic fracturing drilling sites tend to be significantly higher than background levels, posing a potential health risk to nearby residents,…

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Space Probe To Sail Past Venus And Scan For Signs Of Life

Late Wednesday night, a space probe named BepiColombo will sail past Venus and scan its atmosphere for signs of life. (Photo courtesy of Futurism)

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Elon Musk Says He Hasn’t Seen Any Evidence Of Advanced Civilization Visiting Earth

Elon Musk says he has seen no evidence of advanced civilization visiting Earth. (Photo courtesy of Business Insider)

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Elon Musk Proposes Falcon 9 Photo For Flag Of SpaceX City On Mars

Elon Musk proposes Falcon 9 photo for flag of SpaceX city on Mars. (Photo courtesy of News Break)

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Tennessee Teenager Lands Guinness World Record With Homemade Fusion Reactor

Tennessee teenager lands Guinness Record with homemade fusion reactor. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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