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Katherine Johnson Won Space Race With Power Of Math

Katherine Johnson won the space race with the power of math. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)  

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Potential For Interstellar War – According To R Keith Andrews

The ET Connection According to R Keith Andrews  Potential For Interstellar War A little clarification seems in order regarding the possibility of an Alien invasion….

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Tough Tires Will Be Needed On Moon

Tough tires will be needed on the moon. (Photo courtesy of Bridgestone)

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Astronauts Receiving Shipment Of Cheese And Candy

ISS astronauts are receiving a shipment of cheese and candy. The capsule holds cheddar and manchego cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolate and three kinds…

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SpaceX Crew Dragon Preparing For First Flight Out Of Florida

SpaceX Crew Dragon preparing for first flight out of Florida. The capsule is undergoing last-minute testing before it leaves Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with…

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Harvard Professor Says Space Signal Could Be From Alien Civilization

Harvard professor says space signal could be from alien civilization. (Photo courtesy of

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Space Force Commander Says Two Russian Satellites Tailing US Spy Satellite

A top US Space Force commander has reported two Russian satellites are tailing an advanced U.S. spy satellite above the Earth. He says at times…

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Mystery Radio Signal From Deep Space Repeating 16 Day Cycle

A mystery radio signal from deep space appears to be repeating a 16 day cycle. (Photo courtesy of

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Florida Fisherman Finds SpaceX Parachutes And Capsule Door

Florida charter boat fisherman out for a day of fishing off Daytona Beach finds SpaceX parachutes and capsule door. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Record Breaking Astronaut, Christina Koch, Can Be Watched As She Returns To Earth Wednesday

Record breaking astronaut, Christina Koch, can be watched as she returns to Earth Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of ABC)

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