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Couple Who Felt They Were Being Watched Capture Image Of Ghost On Motion Camera

Couple felt they were being watched; then their motion camera captured image of ghost in their home. (Photo courtesy of LADBible)

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Study Investigates Mystery Of Hearing Dead People

Study investigates mystery of hearing dead people. (Photo courtesy of iStock)

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Daffodil Bowling Alley In Puyallup, Washington Has Ghost On Lane 1

The Daffodil Bowling Alley in Puyallup, Washington is haunted by a ghost. It hadn’t been noticed until the pandemic, when the lanes were silenced by…

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Woman Spots Mysterious Figures In Reflection On Sunglasses

Woman spots two mysterious figures in reflection on sunglasses after taking selfie. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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Love After Death

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes  By Fylth Love After Death  

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Petrified Security Boss Sees Woman’s Ghost Roaming Through Building Site

Security boss petrified after being awakened to see ghost roaming through building site. (Photo courtesy of

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Why Do Ghosts Like Supermarkets?

Other Realms Contact Seekers  By MoonJoey Why Do Ghosts Like Supermarkets? In these days of Coronavirus, it is a common thing for things like toilet…

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Ghost Driven Off Farmstead In Iceland By Exorcist

Professional exorcist drives ghost off farmstead in Iceland. (Photo courtesy of Landinn/RUV)

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Ghost Hunters Spooked Out Of Haunted House That Had Been Given Away For Free

Ghost hunters were spooked out of a haunted house that was given away for free. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

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Graduate Student Creates Interactive Map Of Newfoundland Ghost Ships Along With Stories Of Ghosts, Pirates, Phantom Murders

Graduate student creates interactive map along with stories of ghost ships, lights, and phantom murders around Newfoundland. (Photo courtesy of MapHub)

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