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Harvard Law Students Have Been Asked To Stop Feeding And Watering Loose Bird In Libraryp

Students at Harvard Law have been asked to stop feeding and watering a loose bird in the library. (Photo courtesy of Above The Law)

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Greta Thunberg Keynote Speaker At Los Angeles Oil Drilling Protest

Activist Greta Thunberg joins Los Angeles protest against California oil drilling; she will be Friday’s keynote speaker. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Plea, Sentencing Set For Killing Endangered Whooping Crane

Plea and sentencing set for killing extremely endangered whooping crane in Louisiana. (Photo courtesy of The Advocate)

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Georgia Student Gets Employment Help From Sticky Notes

Sticky notes helped a Georgia student apply for an internship with business across the street. (Photo courtesy of Georgia Tech)

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British Columbia Company Applies For Patent For Invisibility Cloak

The Maple Ridge company that says it’s invented an invisible cloak has now applied for four patents for its high-tech no-vis gear. (Photo courtesy…

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Herd Of Hungry Goats Helped Save Ronald Reagan Presidential Library From California Wildfires

Herd of 500 goats helped save the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library from California fires. (Photo courtesy of

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Otzi The Iceman’s Last Days

Since his discovery in the Northern Italian Alps nearly 20 years ago, researchers have learned a great about Otzi the Iceman. including what he sounded like,…

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Shipwreck Emerges On North Carolina Beach, Disappears In Sand

A shipwreck emerges on North Carolina Beach, then disappears into sand. (Photo courtesy of WSTale)

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Washington Nationals Win World Series!

WASHINGTON NATIONALS WIN WORLD SERIES!! It’s their first World Series title in their franchise history. (Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated)

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University Of North Carolina Library Invaded By Dozens Of People In Spider Man Costumes

Students at the University of North Carolina were left baffled when dozens of people in Spider-Man costumes flooded into the library. (Photo courtesy of…

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