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Waterfall At Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher Appear To Flow Backwards

High winds at Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher cause waterfall to flow backwards. (Photo courtesy of The Weather Channel)

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Ashley Bianco, Suspected Leaker Of Amy Robach Hot Mic Video, Claims She Did Not Leak It

CBS news staffer, fired as suspected leaker of the Amy Robach hot mic story, claims she never leaked the video.  (Photo courtesy of Louder…

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Fake Rhino Horns Created To Deter Poaching

Fake rhino horns made of horse hair have been created by scientists to deter poaching the endangered species. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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Falcon Lake UFO Encounter Research Files Donated To University

The Province of Manitoba has recorded thousands of sightings of UFO’s. Now research files from one of the most famous, the Falcon Lake UFO encounter,…

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$1.3 Million Worth Of Sex Toys Stolen From Parked Truck

Truck parked on side of road has $1.3 million worth of sex toys stolen from it. (Photo courtesy of Getty)

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Iowa Convicted Killer Died, Was Resuscitated; Believes His Life Sentence Is Satisfied

An Iowa convicted killer claims he has finished his life sentence, because he died and then was resuscitated in a hospital. His sentence was for…

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Chicago Area Man Builds Own Batmobile

Chicago area man builds his own Batmobile. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Alaska College Accepts Peanut Butter And Jelly In Lieu Of Parking Fines

Alaska is accepting peanut butter and jelly in lieu of parking fines to help feed hungry students. (Photo courtesy of  Montreal Gazette)

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CBS Fires Suspected Leaker Of ABC Amy Robach Hot Mic Story

CBS fires the person who is suspected of leaking ABC’s hot mic, Amy Robach story. ABC found the suspected leaker was working at CBS, and…

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NASA Opens Moon Rock Sample That Has Been Sealed For 40 Years

NASA opens Moon rock sample that has been sealed for 40 years. (Photo courtesy of MPR News)

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