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Perihelion Day 2020

Perihelion Day is this weekend. Earth will be closest to sun. (Photo courtesy of Earthsky)

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Mystery Headless Torso Found In Idaho Cave Identified As Bootlegger Who Killed Wife And Escaped From Jail In 1916

Mystery headless torso found in Idaho cave identified as bootlegger who killed his wife with an axe, and escaped from jail in 1916. (Photo…

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Naked Muddy Florida Man Arrested After Punching Deputy And Biting K-9 Ear

Nude Florida Man, who was covered in mud, arrested after punching Deputy and biting K-9’s ear. (Photo courtesy of Dayton Daily News)

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Pope Francis Slaps Pilgrim Twice When She Grabs His Hand

Into the ‘Now I’ve Seen It All’ files: As Pope Francis greets pilgrims in a receiving line at the Vatican, a woman who took hold…

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Picasso Bust Of A Woman Attacked And Damaged At Tate Modern Art Gallery In London

Picasso painting, Bust of a Woman, at Tate Modern Art Gallery in London attacked and damaged. The painting is worth £20 million. (Photo courtesy…

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West Virginia Governor Approves Firing Of All In Basic Training Class Who Participated In Nazi Salute

West Virginia governor approves the firing of all employees photographed giving Nazi salute. (Photo courtesy of CBS News)

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Iraqi Shiite Militia Supporters Break Into US Embassy In Baghdad

Dozens of angry Iraqi Shiite militia supporters broke into the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad on Tuesday after smashing a main door and setting fire…

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Recycling Center Staff Find $20,000 In Box That Had Been Dropped Off

Recycling center staff finds nearly $20,000 in cash in a box that had been dropped off. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Florida Cat Shows Up Two Years After Hurricane Irma Disappearance

Florida Cat turns up two years after its hurricane Irma disappearance. It was found on Christmas Eve outside a district station of a Florida Sheriffs…

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Nevada Army Guard Soldier Receives Approval To Sport Beard Based On His Norse Pagan Beliefs

A Nevada Army Guard soldier, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, has received a uniform religious exception to sport a beard based upon his Norse…

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