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Large Thin Man With Black Mantis-Like Eyes Spotted In Schiller Woods Near Chicago

A large thin man with jet black eyes, like a praying mantis has been reported in Chicago’s Schiller Woods. (Photo courtesy of Phantoms and…

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Irwin Family Saves 90,000 Animals Injured In Australia Wildfires

Irwin family has rescued over 90,000 animals who were injured in Australia wildfires. (Photo courtesy of Just Jared Jr)

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Utah Man’s McDonald’s Hamburger Turns 20; Still Looks Fresh

Utah man’s McDonald’s burger turns 20, and it still looks new. (Photo courtesy of Grand Forks News)

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New Space Force Has A SPOC

New Space Force has a SPOC. (Photo courtesy of

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Police Are Looking For Florida Man Who Is Criminal Toe Sucker

Police are looking for a Florida Man who is a criminal toe sucker. (Photo courtesy of

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Boston Palm Reader Arrested For Telling Woman Her Daughter Was Possessed, Then Charging $70,000 To Exorcise Her

Boston palm reader is arrested for telling woman her daughter was possessed, and charging $70,000 to exorcise the demon. ttps:// (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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Mysterious Swarms Of Drones Appearing At Night Over Colorado

Mysterious swarms of Giant drones keep appearing at night over Colorado. (Photo courtesy of

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Puffins Scratch Itches With Sticks; First Example Of Seabirds Using Tools

Puffins use sticks to scratch their itches; first example of seabirds using tools. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Texas Man Missing 11 Days In Grand Canyon Has Been Found

Texas man reported missing 11 days ago in Grand Canyon has been found. (Photo courtesy of NPS)

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Florida Man Rescues Dog Whose Leash Got Caught In Elevator Door

Florida Man rescues dog whose leash got caught in elevator door. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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