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Canada Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Returns From Winter Vacation Sporting Facial Hair

Canada Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has returned from winter vacation sporting facial hair. (Photo courtesy of Adam Scotti, Instagram)

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10,000 Feral Camels To Be Shot From Air In Australia

Shooters in Australia will kill 10,000 feral camels from the air tomorrow. It is believed the camels drink too much water and their flatulence contributes…

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Eight Year Old’s Birthday Cake Has Maple Leafs Foods Logo On It Instead Of Maple Leafs Hockey

An 8 year old Maple Leafs fan was expecting a birthday cake decorated with the hockey team’s logo. What he got was a cake decorated…

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Three Little Pigs Visit Russian Grocery Store; Raid Liquor Aisle And Lap Up Cognac

Three little pigs visit Russian grocery store; raid the liquor aisle. They seem to prefer cognac. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Florida Deputies Respond To Reported Cries For Help; Find Parrot Instead

Florida deputies find cries for help actually are coming from a 40 year old parrot, just enjoying the day. (Photo courtesy of Teller Report)

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Spaced Out Radio Tonight!

Spaced Out Radio Tonight! 9:00 PM to Midnight (PST) Live With Dave Scott, Host, SOR GUEST: Sean R DeGrilla – Lee Harvey   Oswald  I…

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Countdown To Mardi Gras; 7 Weeks Of Festivities Until Fat Tuesday

Countdown to Mardi Gras; 7 weeks of festivities. Fat Tuesday is February 25, 2020. (Photo courtesy of

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Massachusetts Aquarium And Engineering Firm Partner To Monitor Whales From Space

An aquarium and an engineering firm in Massachusetts are working on a project to better protect whales: by monitoring them from space. (Photo courtesy…

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Study Shows Atheists More Likely To Own Cats Than Churchgoers

Study finds atheists more likely to own cats than churchgoers. (Photo courtesy of

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Remains Of Bolskine House Being Sold Online For £49 A Bag

Remnants of the infamous Bolskine house are offered for sale online for £49 per bag. Former past owners have included the Fraser clan, Led Zeppelin rocker…

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