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California Psychic Says She Will Bless Money, Runs Off With $100,000

California psychic who promised to bless money left with her, ran off with $100,000. (Photo courtesy of thedailybeast)

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Washington State Patrol Pulls Over SUV For Too Many Christmas Lights

Festive SUV pulled over by Washington State Patrol for having excessive Christmas lights. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Rule Being Proposed For Disclosure Of Accidental Release Of Chemicals

Rule being proposed for disclosure of accidental release of chemicals. (Photo courtesy of Bloomberg Environment)

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Florida Man Arrested For Getting Into Argument And Shoving Girlfriend To Ground While Watching Impeachment Hearings

Florida Man gets into dispute with his girlfriend while watching Trump impeachment hearings on TV. Things heated up, and he shoved her to the ground,…

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Saudi Arabia Has Ended Gender Segregation In Restaurants

Saudi Arabia has ended gender segregation in restaurants. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Elon Musk Declared Not Guilty In Lawsuit By Thai Cave Rescuer Musk Called Pedo Guy

Elon Musk has been declared not guilty in lawsuit filed by one of the Thai cave rescuers whom musk called “pedo guy.” His lawyers said…

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Florida Man Accused Of Stealing More Than $3,000 Worth Of Legos

Florida Man has been accused of Lego thefts worth more than $3,000. ttps:// (Photo courtesy of Fox35 Orlando)

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5 Year Old Invites His Kindergarten Class To Share In His Legal Adoption; They Tell Court What He Means To Them

5 year old boy invites his entire kindergarten class to share in his legal adoption. His classmates had the opportunity to tell the court what…

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Ohio Deputies Chase Loose Pig, Named Wilbur, Around Yard

Deputies chase loose pig around Ohio yard, using apples. They finally wrangle him into a barn, and learn his name is Wilbur. (Photo courtesy…

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Egypt Government Wants To Do Away With Popular Tuk-Tuk

Egyptian government wants to do away with popular tuk-tuks. (Photo courtesy of Egypt Independent)

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