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Breaking News: President Trump And First Lady, Melania, Have Both Tested Positive For COVID-19

BREAKING NEWS: President Donald Trump and First Lady, Melania, have both tested positive for COVID-19. (Photo courtesy of The Telegraph)

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Third Mutilated Cow Found On Eastern Oregon Ranch

Another mutilated cow discovered on Oregon rancher’s property in Umatilla County. This one makes three mutilations from his herd. (Photo courtesy of EO Media…

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Man Crashes Car; Police Find Passenger Was Already Dead Before Crash

Man crashes car; police find passenger was already dead before the crash. (Photo courtesy of WTOV)

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France Has Announced Ban On Wild Animals In Circuses

France has announced a ban on using wild animals in circuses. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Mayor Of Romanian Village Wins Landslide Re-Election 2 Weeks After Death

The mayor of a Romanian village wins landslide re-election two weeks after his death. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Deputies Searching For Man Caught On Camera Stealing Cat Blood From Clinic

Deputies in Florida are searching for man caught on camera stealing cat blood from a clinic. No reason known for the theft. (Photo courtesy…

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Former Traffic Officer Who Claims To Be Reincarnation Of Jesus Arrested In Siberia

Former traffic officer arrested in Siberia. Russia’s investigative committee said it would charge the reincarnation of Jesus with organising an illegal religious organisation, alleging that…

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NASA Affirms Partnership With Space Force

NASA affirms partnership with Space Force. (Photo courtesy of Air Force Magazine)

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No Charges Filed In Election Day Toilet Display

No charges were filed in toilet Election Day display. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Pascale Ferrier Identified As Woman Who Allegedly Sent Ricin To President Trump

Canadian woman suspected of mailing ricin to President Trump has been identified as Pascale Ferrier, 53, from Montreal. (Photo courtesy of

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