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Trudeau Bans 1,500 Types Of Assault-Style Weapons

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the federal government is immediately placing a ban on 1,500 models and variants of certain assault-style weapons that have…

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Giant Face Mask Stolen Off Chicago Lion Sculpture

Giant mask stolen off lion sculpture in Chicago. ( Photo courtesy of WGAU)

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Intel Says Coronavirus Was Not Manmade

Intel says Coronavirus was not man made nor genetically modified, but they still are examining Chinese lab. (Photo courtesy of Q13 Fox News)

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Swedish City Dumps Ton Of Chicken Poop On Park To Deter Holiday Celebrations

Swedish city dumps ton of chicken poop on park to deter holiday celebrations. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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Trump Laughs, Says “That’s A Hell Of A Video” Over UAP Videos Declassified By Pentagon

President Trump laughs at videos officially declassified by the Pentagon, and wonders if they are real. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Police Wrangle Loose Cow That Tried To Ram Passing Cars

Police wrangle loose cow that tried to ram passing cars. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Half Of Americans Make More On Unemployment Than Work

Half of Americans make more on unemployment than working. (Photo courtesy of Mother Jones)

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Canadian Helicopter Has Crashed In Mediterranean; Search Continues

The Associated Press wire service has published a report saying that a military helicopter operating off of a Canadian frigate went missing while taking part in…

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Tupac Shakur Files For Unemployment

Tupac Shakur files for unemployment in Kentucky. (Photo courtesy of NBC Los Angeles)

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Federally Protected Sea Turtles Begin Nesting In Georgia

Federally protected sea turtles begin nesting in Georgia. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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