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Pentagon Releases New Information About UFO Encounters

The Pentagon releases new information about a series of fascinating encounters between US Navy pilots and unidentified flying objects. (Photo courtesy of Navy Times)

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FBI Arrests Arkansas Professor Over Not Disclosing Ties To China

FBI arrests an Arkansas professor who allegedly failed to disclose his ties to Chinese entities during the course of securing funding for a NASA research project,…

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Three Male Tennessee Judges Rule It Is Legal To Follow And Video Women Without Their Consent

Three male Tennessee judges rule it is legal to follow women, make videos of them without their consent. (Photo courtesy of Mumbai Mirror)

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Navy And DARPA Plan Unmanned Robo Ships

US Navy may have ships in the future very similar to star destroyers. They will be unmanned robo ships. (Photo courtesy of NOMARS)

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British Police Remind Citizens Lack Of Hot Water Not A Police Emergency

British police have to remind citizens lack of hot water is not a police emergency. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Woman Looking To Avoid Traffic Drives Over Gravestones Of Military Veterans

A minivan driver looking to avoid traffic inside Houston National Cemetery on Mother’s Day was captured in a video running over the gravestones of military veterans. (Photo courtesy…

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Son Buries Aged Mother Alive In China, She Is Rescued After 3 Days In Grave

Son in China tires of caring for aged mother, carries her to site in wheelbarrow, and buries her alive. Woman is found and rescued after…

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Police Seize 1,900 Stolen Artifacts In International Art Trafficking Crackdown

Police seize 19,000 stolen artifacts in international art trafficking crackdown. (Photo courtesy of Interpol)

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5 Year Old Takes Family’s SUV, Gets Pulled Over On Interstate; Tells State Trooper He’s Going To California To Buy Lamborghini

Five year old Utah boy took family’s car and got down the interstate before a surprised state trooper pulled him over. The child said he…

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Nearly $1 Million Dumped On Side Of Road During CHP Chase

Nearly $1 million dumped on side of road during CHP Chase in central California. (Photo courtesy of New York Post)

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