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Two Men Charged After Bringing Chainsaws To Altercation At Cherry Beach Park

Chainsaw wielding men at Cherry Beach charged after bringing weapons to an altercation. (Photo courtesy of Toronto Sun)

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Florida Man Caught Driving Lawnmower On Highway While Drunk

Florida Man with previous DUIs caught driving lawnmower on highway while drunk. (Photo courtesy of WPEC)

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Wild Bear That Sniffed Woman’s Hair Has Been Castrated

Wild bear that sniffed woman’s hair has been caught and castrated. (Photo courtesy of NY Daily News)

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Tech Tycoon John McAfee Arrested In Norway For Wearing Lacy Thong For Face Mask

Tech tycoon, John McAfee, arrested in Norway for wearing lacy thong on face instead of mask. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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New Police Dog Finds Missing Mom And Baby On First Shift

Brand new police dog finds missing mom and baby on his first shift. (Photo courtesy of CBS News)

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Naked Florida Man Tells Deputies He’s Batman

Naked Florida Man tells deputies he is Batman. (Photo courtesy of

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Another Prosthetic Leg Lost And Found; Missouri Dive Team Returns Leg ToMan Who Lost It While Rafting

Another prosthetic leg has been lost and found. A Missouri man who lost his prosthetic leg during a rafting trip was reunited with his lost…

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Ecuador On Alert As Huge Fleet Of Chinese-Flagged Fishing Vessels Appears Off Galápagos Islands

Ecuador is on alert due to the appearance of a huge fleet of mostly Chinese-flagged fishing vessels off its Galapagos Islands. (Photo courtesy of…

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Far Right Fringe Group Canadian Keeps Trying To Citizen Arrest Justin Trudeau

Canadian who belongs to far right fringe group keeps trying to Citizen Arrest Justin Trudeau. (Photo courtesy of Facebook live screenshot)

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Italian Police Find Cocaine Hidden Inside Hollow Coffee Beans

Italian police find cocaine hidden inside hollow coffee beans. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

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