Nigeria Seizes $54 Million In Pangolin Parts And Elephant Tusks

Nigeria seized $54 million in pangolin parts and elephant tusks.The seizure, worth 22 billion naira ($54 million), included 17,137 kg of pangolin scales, 44 kg of elephant tusks and 60 kg in pangolin claws. (Photo courtesy of Mongabay)

Nashville Man High On Mushrooms Caught With Cheekwood Estate Gardens Purple Bunny

High on mushrooms, Nashville man is caught with purple bunny from Cheekwood Estate Gardens. (Photo courtesy of

Italian Customs Seize Dinosaur Egg Hidden In Package

Italian customs seized a dinosaur egg that was hidden in a package. The egg is from a Shunosaurus, which lived approximately 159 million years ago. (Photo courtesy of Vice)

Police Called On COVID-19 Violation; Was A Mannequin

Police in Halifax called on COVID-19 violation in tea room. It was a mannequin. (Photo courtesy of UPI)