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CIA Once Built Robot Spy Catfish Named Charlie

CIA once built a robot spy catfish named Charlie. (Photo courtesy of CIA)

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NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Had Secret Message Hidden On Parachute

NASA Mars Perseverance Rover had secret binary code message hidden on parachute. (Photo courtesy of

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Larry, The Downing Street Cat, Marks 10 Years Of Service To British Prime Minister

Larry, the Downing Street cat, marks 10 years of service to British Prime Minister. (Photo courtesy of The Business Standard)

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Greta Thunberg Accidentally Shares Message, Sparks Police Investigation And Political Firestorm

Greta Thunberg accidentally shared a message showing she was getting told what to write on Twitter about the ongoing violent farmers’ revolt in India —…

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Navy Says It Has Patents On Weird And Little Understood Technology

The U.S. Navy has patents on weird and little understood technology. According to patents filed by the Navy, it is working on a compact fusion…

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Former Head Of Canadian Casino Company And Actor Wife Pretended To Be Hotel Workers To Get Vaccine Intended For Vulnerable Indigenous People

The former head of a Canadian casino company and his actor wife have been fined after chartering a private plane to a remote community near…

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Sanitizer In Chief Name Given To Mystery Podium Cleaner At Inauguration

USA falls in love with mystery podium cleaner who used wipes to jump in and clean in between each speaker during inauguration. (Photo courtesy…

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Bill To Establish Bigfoot Hunting Season Introduced In Oklahoma

A bill to establish a Bigfoot hunting season was introduced in Oklahoma Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of

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CIA Release Of 30 Years Worth Of Documents Real Life X-Files

The CIA’s decision to declassify more than three decades worth of UFO documents is a real-life X-Files. (Photo courtesy of ABC7 Los Angeles)

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US Air Force Testing Bombs That Can Talk

The US Air Force is testing bombs that can talk. (Photo courtesy of Popular Mechanics)

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