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Scientists Rediscover Rare Singing Dogs Thought To Be Extinct

Scientists rediscover rare singing dogs thought to have been extinct. (Photo courtesy of Screenshot/YouTube/Silver Cross Fox)

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Ethnic Mongolians Rally Against Measures To Reduce Teaching In Mongolian Language In Favor Of Chinese

Ethnic Mongolians in northern China have staged rare rallies against measures to reduce teaching in the Mongolian language in favour of Chinese. (Photo courtesy…

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Giant 165 Foot Crater Found On Siberia’s Arctic Tundra

A giant crater has been discovered on Siberia’s Arctic tundra, with scientists saying the 165 foot deep hole was formed through an explosion that hurled…

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Japan Successfully Tests Flying Car

Japan successfully tests flying car. (Photo courtesy of Skydrive)

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NASA Tracking Asteroid Twice Size Of Great Pyramid Of Giza Heading Toward Earth

NASA tracking asteroid twice as big as Great Pyramid of Giza heading toward Earth. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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No More Trapping Birds With Glue On Twigs

French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered hunters in southern France to stop the controversial practice of trapping birds on glue-covered twigs. (Photo courtesy of…

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Mysterious UFO In Congo Is Reported To Be Balloon From Project Loon

Mysterious UFO in Congo is reported to be balloon from Project Loon. (Photo courtesy of

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Police Respond To Report Of Gunfire; Man Asleep In Front Of Loud Movie On TV

Police in Germany respond to report of gunfire, find man had fallen asleep while watching loud movie on TV. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

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Topless Sunbathing Defended By French Interior Minister

Topless sunbathing defended by French Interior Minister. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Human Hair Being Used To Soak Up Mauritius Oil Spill

Hairdressers from around Australia have been stockpiling clippings in the hope they can be used to clean up 4,000 tons of oil from a massive…

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