Top 10 UFO Researchers In 2020

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio Top 10 Researchers In 2020 It’s over!  The final buzzer of 2020 has sounded!  After a tumultuous year of epic proportion, we can finally give the middle finger to the year from hell, and look forward to a prosperous and hopefully life changing (for the […]

Justin Fernandes Lost leg In Accident; Now He Keeps It On His Gaming Desk

Justin Fernandes lost his leg in an accident, and now keeps it on his gaming desk. (Photo courtesy of Toronto Star)

Shhhhhh! Dave Scott’s Christmas Gift

Hear ye! Hear ye!! To All Spaced Out Radio Listeners, Be ye Fans, Audience, Guests!  We have an opportunity to give our Host, Commander, Chief, and all around Super Guy, who never takes a day off, nor stops thinking about and planning for Spaced Out Radio, a SPECIAL HOLIDAY GIFT! Yes friends, here is the […]

The Messages Are There, But Are We Listening?

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio The Messages Are Out There, But Are We Listening? Back in 1990, the Seattle rock group Queensryche released a song called ‘Anybody Listening’.  The final stanza of that song reads, “Is there anybody listening?  Is there anyone that sees what’s going on?”  These lines have […]

Police Make Arrests In Theft Of Wayne Gretzky Memorabilia

Police say they have made two arrests after Wayne Gretzky memorabilia was stolen from the home of the hockey legend’s father. (Photo courtesy of Sports Retriever)

Most Of Used Fighter Jets Canada Bought From Australia Still Not In Service

Only three of seven F-18 fighter jets purchased from Australia by the Canadian government have been integrated into the air force so far, and the Department of National Defence says key upgrades to as much as one-third of Canada’s fighter force will take up to five years. (Photo courtesy of