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Mississippi Adding ‘In God We Trust’ To State Flag May Prompt Satanic Temple Lawsuit

Mississippi adding ‘In God We Trust’ to new state flag may prompt Satanic Temple lawsuit. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

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Oregon Man Driving Stolen Car Ends Police Chase When He Crashes Into Woman Driving Another Stolen Car

An Oregon man driving a stolen car crashes into a woman driving another stolen car. (Photo courtesy of Newberg Dundee Police Department)

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World’s Longest Surviving Conjoined Twins Have Died At 68

World’s longest surviving conjoined twins have died at age 68. They were put to work in carnivals and sideshows starting at 3 years old.…

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Two Teens Filming Tik Tik Video Discovered Washington Couple’s Remains In Suitcases

Two teens filming Tik Tok video discovered Washington couple’s remains in suitcases. (Photo courtesy of Oxygen)

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Nebraska Farmer Drains Pond, Finds ATM

Nebraska farmer drains pond, finds ATM. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Hot Dog Eating Champion Sees COVID-19 Changes To Competition Having Advantages And Disadvantages

Joey Chestnut, 12 time hot dog eating contest champion, sees COVID-19 changes to competition this year as having advantages and disadvantages. (Photo courtesy of…

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As Pandemic Worsens, California Bans Singing In Public Places

With pandemic worsening, California bans singing in public places. (Photo courtesy of

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Rubble, World’s Oldest Cat Dies At 31

Rubble, the world’s oldest cat has died at 31. In human years the cat would have been 151 years old. (Photo courtesy of People)

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‘Sharknado’ Vibes: Huge Bird At Myrtle Beach South Carolina Carrying What Appears To Be Shark

South Carolina video of huge bird carrying what looks like a shark, shot by drone, goes viral; ‘Sharknado’ vibes. (Photo courtesy of dailymail)

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MIT Pulls Massive AI Dataset Over Racist And Misogynistic Content

MIT pulls massive AI dataset over racist and misogynistic content. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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