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Famous Washington DC Monuments Defaced By Protestors

Famous Washington DC monuments defaced by protestors. (Photo courtesy of National Mall NPS)

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President Rushed To Bunker By Secret Service

Secret Service rushed President Trump to bunker beneath White House Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them throwing…

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Pakistani Villager Urges India Prime Minister To Return His Pigeon Being Held On Charges Of Spying

A Pakistani villager has urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return his pigeon, currently being held in India on charges of spying. (Photo…

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Two Florida Men Arrested With 93 Stolen Sea Turtle Eggs

Two Florida Men arrested with 93 sea turtle eggs in a bag. (Photo courtesy of NBC2 News)

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Florida Man Kidnaps 17 Year Old To Drive Him Through Florida Keys COVID-19 Checkpoint

Florida Man and woman kidnap 17 year old girl to drive them through COVID-19 checkpoint at Florida Keys. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Toronto Tow Truck Turf Wars May Be Linked To Organized Crime

Toronto tow truck turf wars may be linked to organized crime. (Photo courtesy of CTV News)

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Michigan Man Charged With Killing Wolves, Bald Eagles, Other Wildlife Because He Likes It

A Michigan man is charged with killing wolves, bald eagles, and other wildlife because he likes it. (Photo courtesy of WWJ Radio)

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Firm Receives Approval To Salvage Titanic’s Wireless Telegraph Set

An expedition to salvage Titanic’s wireless telegraph set has been approved. (Photo courtesy of

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Canadian Pastor Held In Myanmar For Breaking Gathering Rule

Canadian pastor held in Myanmar for breaking their gathering rule. (Photo courtesy of

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Wild Turkey Decapitated, Duck Eggs Broken At Bird Sanctuary In Roswell, New Mexico

Decapitated turkey and broken duck eggs found at bird sanctuary in Roswell, New Mexico. Authorities have no clue who or what is responsible. (Photo…

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