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One Of 400 Remaining North Atlantic Right Whales Found Dead In New Jwrsey

One of 400 remaining North Atlantic right whales found dead in New Jersey. (Photo courtesy of IFAW)

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Blood Sucking Vampire Fish Spawning In Vermont; Experts Say Not To Worry

Blood sucking vampire fish are spawning in Vermont waters. Experts say not to worry. (Photo courtesy of dailymail)

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NASA Names DC Headquarters After Mary Jackson, First Black Woman To Become NASA Engineer

NASA names its DC headquarters after Mary Jackson, the first Black woman to become a NASA engineer. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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For $125,000 You Could Ride Balloon Into Stratosphere

For $125,000 you could ride a balloon into the stratosphere. (Photo courtesy of

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Quartet Plays To Audience Of Potted Plants In Spanish Opera House

Quartet plays to an audience of potted plants at Spanish opera house. (Photo courtesy of Daily Hive)

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Delaware Swimmer Catches Shark With Bare Hands

A Delaware swimmer catches shark with bare hands. (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

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Woman Makes Neighbors Remove Frog Statuette; Viral Backlash On Reddit

Woman walking with husband and daughter don’t like neighbors’ frog statuette, cause neighbors to take it down; hence, huge viral backlash from Reddit over woman’s…

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Florida Woman Seeks Paternity Test For Goats

Florida woman’s lawsuit seeks paternity tests for goats. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Amazon Driver Recorded Following Unusual Instructions Given By 13 Year Old

Amazon driver recorded following unusual instructions from 13 year old. (Photo courtesy of NBC2 News)

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Ring Of Large Shafts Found Near Stonehenge

A ring of large shafts discovered near Stonehenge form the largest prehistoric monument ever discovered in Britain, archaeologists believe. (Photo courtesy of PA Wire)

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