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Pamlico County, North Carolina, July 21, 1967

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Pamlico County, North Carolina  July 21, 1967  

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UFOs Are Not Political

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio UFOs Are Not Political Over the last number of months leading up to the U.S….

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Ottawa’s Own Rocketman Reinvents Skating

Ottawa’s own Rocketman reinvents skating. (Photo courtesy of Futurism)

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Horny Frogs Adapt To Noisy Environment By Waving Arms To Attract Mate

A species of Ecuadorian glass frog combines high-frequency croaking and a striking visual display to attract mates, in what is a fascinating adaptation to a…

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Well Preserved Head Of Giant Triassic Amphibian Came To Life In Horrific Detail In Arizona Lab

The well-preserved head of a giant Triassic Period amphibian came to life in horrific detail, when experts in an Arizona lab peeled away debris to…

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Jogger Rescues Dog Who Fell Into Icy Lake

Darcy Pell, a 31-year-old security engineer, was midway through a run around his local park in Yorkshire, England, when he suddenly found himself jumping into…

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A Catfish That Can Catapult Itself Out Of Water To Grab Prey Could Devastate Europe’s Ecosystem

A fish catapulting itself out of the water and onto lad, snatching a pigeon in a flurry of feathers before heaving itself back into the…

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Large, Unusual Footprints Found In Leeds Forest Could Belong To Beast Of Leeds

A set of mysterious, and unusually large footprints found in a remote Leeds woods has sparked suggestions they could have been made by the ‘Beast…

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Starman Set To Complete Second Orbit Around The Sun

Starman is set to complete second orbit around the sun. On Wednesday, nearly three years after the car first launched, the tracker WhereIsRoadster showed the…

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Climate Activist Greta Thunberg To Appear On Swedish Stamp

Climate activist, Greta Thunberg to appear on new Swedish stamp. (Photo courtesy of Deccan Herald)

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