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New Show On SOR YouTube Channel ~ The Angry Ghost Hunter

The Angry Ghost Hunter With Merle, Ross Allison and Jacob Rice SOR YouTube Channel 7:00 PM Pacific ~ 10:00 PM Eastern

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Academic Paper Ridiculed For Claiming Boiled Eggs Turn Raw Again By Mind Power

Academic paper ridiculed for publishing article claiming mind power turned boiled eggs raw again. (Photo courtesy of Joel Saget/AFP)

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Luis Elizondo: Government Preparing Huge UFO Reveal

Luis Elizondo says government is preparing huge UFO reveal. (Photo courtesy of KLAS)

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Six Years Of Friendship

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Six Years Of Friendship  

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This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio

This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio Monday – Friday 9:00 PM To 12:00 AM KONR Digital Radio (PRAISE BE) KDNF AM 1560,Daingerfield, Texas KDUN AM 1030…

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Gender Reveal Party Explosion Causes Earthquake

Gender reveal party explosion causes earthquake. fPhoto courtesy of The Guardian)

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Caitlyn Jenner Announces She Will Run For Governor Of California

Caitlyn Jenner announces she will run for Governor of California. (Photo courtesy of ABC News)

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Woman Finds Poisoned Bone With Note Because Dog Barks Too Much

Woman finds poisoned bone with note because her dog barks too much. (Photo courtesy of LADBible)

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Man Bowls Perfect Game With His Father’s Ashes Inside Ball

Man bowls perfect game with his father’s ashes inside ball. (Photo courtesy of UPI)  

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Noted Storyteller And Paranormal Expert, Susan Sheppard, Dies

Noted storyteller, paranormal expert, Susan Sheppard, dies. (Photo courtesy of Goodreads)

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