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Atlanta Prosecutor Deciding Whether To Open Investigation Into James Brown’s Death

A prosecutor in Atlanta will decide whether to open a formal investigation after meeting with a woman who says she has evidence legendary singer James…

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Documentary Claims Tupac Shakur Faked Own Death, Living With Navajo Tribe In New Mexico

New documentary claims Tupac Shakur faked his death, fled medical center, and lives with Navajo tribe in New Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

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Mystery Radio Signal From Deep Space Repeating 16 Day Cycle

A mystery radio signal from deep space appears to be repeating a 16 day cycle. (Photo courtesy of

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Second Monarch Butterfly Activist In Mexico Found Dead Within A Week

A second monarch butterfly activist in Mexico has been found dead, just two days after funeral of Homero Gómez. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Construction Workers Begin Digging, Find Remains Of 42 With Hands Tied Behind Backs

Construction workers began digging in Buckingham to build new residential flats. After a little digging, they discovered buried in shallow graves, the remains of 42…

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This Florida Man: The Betz Sphere

This Florida Man By Kelly Eyer The Betz Sphere Hello, Again Space Travelers! What I have for you today is a story from the current…

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Scientists Pin Down Why Stress Turns Our Hair Grey

Scientists pin down why stress turns our hair grey. (Photo courtesy of BLNDN)

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Elsa, Talking Frozen Doll, Haunting Family

US family claims they are being haunted by talking ’Frozen’ doll. (Photo courtesy of Daily News)

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Mystery Of Who’s Been Leaving Cash Bundles On Roads Of Blackhall Colliery Has Been Solved

The mystery of who’s been leaving cash bundles of £2,000 on Blackhall Colliery roads for years has been solved. There are two good Samaritans behind…

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Church Of Satan Founder, Anton LaVey, Mixed Up With Mob In Plot To Kill Ted Kennedy During 1980 Presidential Election

Founder of Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, mixed up in plot with the mob to kill Ted Kennedy during 1980 presidential election. (Photo courtesy…

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