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Quartet Plays To Audience Of Potted Plants In Spanish Opera House

Quartet plays to an audience of potted plants at Spanish opera house. (Photo courtesy of Daily Hive)

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Queen’s Brian May Works With Researchers To Understand How Asteroids Form

Queen’s Brian May is working with researchers to understand how asteroids form. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Queen Guitarist Brian May Suffers Heart Attack

Queen guitarist, Brian May, suffers heart attack. (Photo courtesy of BBC News)

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Death Angel Drummer Says He Met Satan While In COVID-19 Coma

Death Angel drummer says he met Satan while in a COVID-19 coma. (Photo courtesy of

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Queen’s Brian May Sent To Hospital After Tearing Butt Muscle Gardening

Brian May sent to hospital after tearing butt muscles while gardening. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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Village People’s YMCA Added To Library Of Congress Collection Preserved For Posterity

The Village People’s YMCA has made it to the Library of Congress. The library has added the disco anthem to its National Recording Registry, which…

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New Hampshire Man Chased Neighbor With Sword After Being Asked To Turn Music Down

New Hampshire man chased neighbor with a sword after being asked to turn music down. (Photo courtesy of

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Foo Fighters Deal With Ghosts While Recording New Album

While recording Foo Fighters new album, they had to deal with ghosts. (Photo courtesy of Loudwire)

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Canadian Band Plays World’s Deepest Underground Concert

Canadian band plays world’s deepest underground concert. (Photo courtesy of Stratford Beacon Herald)

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Appeals Court Rules Led Zeppelin Did Not Steal Opening Riff On Stairway To Heaven From Taurus

Appeals Court rules Led Zeppelin did not steal the Stairway To Heaven opening riff from Taurus. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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