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Iowa Wrestling Icon Honored With Giant Cheese Sculpture

An Iowa wrestling icon is honored with a giant cheese sculpture. (Photo courtesy of

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John Greenewald’s Black Vault Interview With Linda Moulton Howe On Bismuth

On his Black Vault show, John Greenewald interviews Linda Moulton Howe. They discuss the origin, history and investigation into a piece of metal that is…

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Florida Man Fought For Life As He Was Attacked By Raccoon

Florida Man fought for his life as he was attacked by a raccoon. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Florida Man Tells Police Bag Of Cocaine They Found In Car Must Have Blown In From The Wind

Florida Man tells police the bag of cocaine they found in his car must have blown in from the wind. (Photo courtesy of Smoking…

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FBI Raid Of Bob Lazar Business Has Two Faces

FBI raid on Bob Lazar business has two differing stories. Either they raided his United Nuclear Scientific to continue a Michigan murder investigation that used…

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Other Side Of Don Cherry Debate

The other side of Don Cherry debate. Some Canadians are glad he’s gone (Photo courtesy of National Post)

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Petition To Bring Back Don Cherry Is Gaining Traction

Petition to bring back Don Cherry is gaining  traction. (Photo courtesy of

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Hockey Mainstay Of 40 Years, Don Cherry, Fired Over Saturday Night Xenophobic Rant

Don Cherry, a hockey mainstay for 40 years, has been fired from Sportsnet for a toxic rant during his show on Saturday night. He aimed…

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Former Owner Of ‘Conjuring House’ Very Upset Over Hallowe’en Special With Zak Bagans Trying To Prove House Is Cursed

Former owner of the ‘Conjuring House’ has long said that the property at 1677 Round Top Road is not filled with malevolent ghosts and spirits as…

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Maple Leafs Athletes Rally Around Young Fan Who Experienced Disappointing Birthday

Some high-profile Maple Leafs athletes rally around a young Toronto Maple Leafs fan after the boy’s dad tweeted the 11-year-old had a disappointing birthday.…

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