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Washington Department Of Transportation Captures Video Of Possible Bigfoot At Sherman Pass

Washington DOT catches video of possible Bigfoot on traffic camera at Sherman Pass in Ferry County. (Photo courtesy of Washington DOT)

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Slender Man vs Hat Man

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Slender Man vs Hat Man

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Spaced Out Radio Tonight! Guest: Varla Ventura

Spaced Out Radio Tonight! 9:00 to Midnight (PST) Live With Dave Scott, Host, SOR GUEST: Varla Ventura – Our Cryptid World Varla Ventura, author of…

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Spaced Out Radio’s Cryptid Tales

Spaced Out Radio’s Cryptid Tales With Amber Bekkerud Nukluk This episode of Cryptid Tales takes us to the far north of Canada and Alaska. There,…

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Hellier: A New Way Of Investigating

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio Hellier: A New Way Of Investigating For the last five years I have interviewed a…

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Bigfoot/UFO Story From Chase County Lake, Kansas, 2009

Story about Bigfoot/UFO encounter in Chase County, Kansas, 2009. (Photo courtesy of Phantoms and Monsters)

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Large Thin Man With Black Mantis-Like Eyes Spotted In Schiller Woods Near Chicago

A large thin man with jet black eyes, like a praying mantis has been reported in Chicago’s Schiller Woods. (Photo courtesy of Phantoms and…

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This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio

 This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio Monday – Friday 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM KONR Digital Radio (PRAISE BE) KDNF AM 1560, Daingerfield,…

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Trucker Reports Seeing 7 Foot Tall Person With Wings Near O’Hare International Airport

Trucker reports seeing seven foot tall person with wings near O’Hare International Airport. (Photo courtesy of The Singular Fortean Society)

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Man Fires Gun Twice; Feared Bigfoot Was Breaking Into House

Man fires gun twice, because he feared Bigfoot was trying to break into his house. (Photo courtesy of

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