UFOs-Do We Need To Get The “F” Out?

UFOs – Do We Need To Get The “F” Out? By Aletheia Kardov When we discuss UFO’s sightings, cases, and the overall mystery that UFO’s present to us as a species, we always assume one thing: that they are indeed “flying”, what if we are wrong? Over many years, many theories have arisen out of […]

5G – Is It Meant To Be?

Down The Rabbit Hole By Aletheia Kardov 5G – Is It Meant To Be?    For quite some time now, there has been many articles and shock pieces about the onslaught of 5G, how it will melt all ofour brains and make us zombie-slaves to the new world order utilising mind control technology!! I don’t […]

UFOs And Magic…

Down The Rabbit Hole By Aletheia Kardov UFOs and Magic… Join me in a thought experiment where it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, all the following is all made up anyway;   Two Villages… Let’s say there are two villages that have never interacted with each other but in almost every other way […]

Grappling With Ufology

Grappling with Ufology… By Aletheia Kardov Suspend Your Disbelief… There are many narratives that have played in front of the world that seem to mask what may or may not have occurred in some of the most famous of cases. Some of these instances have been debated heavily for decades and we are still no […]

If UFOs Were Made Of Chocolate

Have You Considered  By Aletheia Kardov  If UFOs Were Made Of Chocolate If UFOs were made of chocolate, we wouldn’t be able to reverse engineer the propulsion system would we? I mean; it’s made of chocolate? Imagine the looks on the scientists and engineers faces when they climb into the “engine” room! “It’s Chocolate Jim, […]