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KFC Looking For Professional Finger Licker

KFC is looking for professional finger licker. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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Tornado Hits Nashville, Tennessee, Severe Damage Reported

Tornado hits Nashville, Tennessee, severe damage reported. (Photo courtesy of News

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Guest Change For March 2nd

Guest Change On Spaced Out Radio Tonight, March 2nd Live With Dave Scott, Host John And Stacey Edwards – A Paranormal Life      

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Beer Made From 5,000 Year Old Yeast Actually Tasty

Beer made with 5,000 year old yeast is actually tasty. (Photo courtesy of KTNV Las Vegas)  

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Dinosaur Age Cockroaches Found Preserved In Amber

Dinosaur age cockroaches found preserved in Amber. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Penn State Students Hold Vigil For Closed Taco Bell Location

Penn State students hold vigil for closed Taco Bell location. (Photo courtesy of ABC News)

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How To Watch SpaceX Launch Of 20th Mission To ISS

How to watch SpaceX 20th mission launch to ISS on Friday. (Photo courtesy of

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Bottlebrush Bush In Sydney Road Median Responsible For Many Bird Deaths

A bottlebrush bush growing in the median of a busy Sydney, Australia road responsible for many bird deaths. (Photo courtesy of Yahoo News Australia)

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Not Good Enough

UFO’Real? A Historical Review By William Pullin, UFO Historian Not Good Enough   Greetings! Not Good Enough. In today’s environment, due to the Internet and…

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France Closes Louvre As Coronavirus Spreads

France closes the Louvre as Coronavirus spreads. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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