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Google And Canadian Down Syndrome Society Team Up To Help Smart Speakers Learn Different Speech Patterns

Google and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society are teaming up to improve usability of smart speakers. These speakers have been missing many words from people…

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Thieves Rammed Historic French Cathedral With Tree Trunk Strapped To Car; Grabbed Relics, Escaped

Thieves rammed historic French cathedral with tree trunk strapped to their car; grabbed priceless relics, and escaped. (Photo courtesy of Catholic World Report)

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Navajo Religious Ceremony; 2 Dead, 14 Injured

Two dead and fourteen injured in Navajo religious ceremony. (Photo courtesy of

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How To Watch Taurid Meteor Shower Tonight

How to watch the Taurid Meteor Shower tonigjt. (Photo courtesy of

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How Does One Become A Butterfly?

Quotes And Quips, Witty Bits By Gail Hodson Shirk “How does one become a butterfly?” she asked pensively. You must want to fly so much…

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Hong Kong Jeweler Reveals Gold Toilet With 40,815 Diamonds Embedded In Seat

A Hong Kong jewelry company exhibiting at an expo in China has revealed a gold toilet featuring 40,815 diamonds embedded in the toilet seat.…

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Mind Reading Headband In China Schools Proving To Be Too Much For Students’ Parents

A mind reading headband in China schools is proving to be too much for students’ parents. (Photo courtesy of Golden Hoop)

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Can ‘Beyond Meat’ Be Called Meat?

Can ‘Beyond Meat’ actually be called meat? (Photo courtesy of

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New Study Suggests Charles Darwin May Have Been Wrong

A new study indicates Charles Darwin may have been wrong. The study suggests that instead of life originating in a “warm little pond,” it may…

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Megalodon Teeth Discovered In Mexico

Megalodon teeth have been discovered in Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Encyclopedia Britannica)

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