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Syrup Spill On Idaho Highway Draws Hilarious Responses Online

A food-grade syrup spill caused by a truck rollover on an Idaho highway drew hilarious responses online. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Large Bigfoot Statue Missing In Florida

An 8 foot, 300 pound Bigfoot statue has gone missing in Florida. It’s worth $3,000. (Photo courtesy of Anthony Ciulla)

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Ancient Mummified Cat Is Actually Three Cats With Textile Ball For A Head

Ancient mummified cat is actually 3 cats, with textile ball for a head. (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

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Space, The Mirror

Quotes And Quips, Witty Bits  By Gail Hodson Shirk Space, The Mirror In our time this search for extraterrestrial life will eventually change our laws,…

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More Than 100 Elephants Have Died In Zimbabwe’s Severe Drought

More than 100 elephants have died in Zimbabwe’s severe drought. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Next Generation Of Protein May Come From Methane, Air, Or Volcanic Microbes

Next generation of protein may come from a printer and other proteins produced from air, methane or volcanic microbes. (Photo courtesy of Food Navigator)

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Remains Of One-Legged Skeleton Found Under Russian Dance Floor Are Those Of Napoleon’s Favorite General

The remains of a one-legged skeleton found under a Russian dance floor last July have been DNA tested, and are those of Napoleon’s favorite general….

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Woman Who Lost Job For Flipping Off Trump Motorcade Wins Election To Board Of Supervisors

Woman who was fired from her job for flipping off Trump motorcade while she rode her bike wins election to local Board of Supervisors.…

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Amy Robach Caught On Hot Mic Frustrated Over Refusal Of ABC To Run Story She Had On Jeffrey Epstein

On hot mic, Amy Robach expresses the frustration she has experienced for three years over the story she had on Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile…

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Pup Found In Australian Family’s Backyard Is Purebred Dingo; Dropped Into Yard By Eagle

Puppy that was found in Australian family’s backyard turns out to be a purebred dingo pup, and was dropped there by an eagle. (Photo…

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