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Collecting Witness Testimony; It Must Never Be Accepted At Face Value

Collecting WitnessTestimony; It Must Never Be Accepted At Face Value By William Pullin, UFO Historian Greetings! Collecting. The process of collecting witness testimony is an…

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Knowing Ghosts vs Believing In Them – An Opinion

KNOWING GHOSTS VS BELIEVING IN THEM – AN OPINION By MoonJoey Since the early 19th Century people have increasingly become enamored by the idea of…

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Japan Domino’s Selling Hallowe’en Roulette Pizza, With One Random Slice Slathered In Ghost Pepper Sauce

Japan’s Domino‘s Pizza selling Hallowe’en Roulette pizza with one random slice slathered in ghost pepper sauce. (Photo courtesy of Sora News 24)

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Could Protein Spun Like Cotton Candy Make Lab Grown Steak?

Could protein spun like cotton candy make lab grown steak possible? (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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Porn Star, Who Goes By Bridget The Midget, Breaks Into Boyfriend’s Home, Stabs Him In Leg With Butter Knife Because He Has Another Woman With Him

Porn star, who goes by the name Bridget the Midget, breaks into boyfriend’s home and stabs him in leg with butter knife, because he has…

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Olympics Add Skateboarding Sport, Need ‘Cool Factor’ Skateboarding Brings

Skateboarding sport joins the Olympics. Belief is the Olympics need the ‘cool factor’ skateboarding brings. (Photo courtesy of Van Parks Series)

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Dollywood First Theme Park In World With Calming Room For Kids With Autism

Dollywood is the first theme park in the world that provides a calming room for children with autism. (Photo courtesy of

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Australian Twins Describe 1980 UFOs’ Conflict Before One Crashed To Earth

Australian twins describe two UFOs’ 1980 conflict in sky before one crashed to Earth. (Photo courtesy of

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Food Network Names Scranton, PA AV Restaurant Most Haunted In State

The Food Network has named Scranton, Pennsylvania’s AV Restaurant the most haunted in all of the state. (Photo courtesy of Access NEPA)

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WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Goes To Court To Fight Extradition To US

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, goes to court to fight extradition to US. He is charged with conspiring to hack into a Pentagon computer. Assange’s legal…

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