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Queen Elizabeth ll Makes Captain Tom Moore Honorary Colonel On His 100th Birthday

The man who raised almost £30 million for the NHS before his 100th birthday received a gift from Queen Elizabeth ll as he celebrated the…

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Alabama High School Student Names NASA Mars Helicopter

Alabama student names NASA’s first Mars helicopter. (Photo courtesy of Big News

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Mattel Honors COVID-19 Frontline Workers With Action Figures

Mattel toys has honored COVID-19 frontline workers with action figures. You will find doctors, nurses, EMTs, and delivery drivers. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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From Beyond Not of This Earth  By William Pullin, UFO Historian Numbers Greetings! Numbers. Through the investigative efforts of civilian organizations and independent researchers, we…

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Police Wrangle Loose Cow That Tried To Ram Passing Cars

Police wrangle loose cow that tried to ram passing cars. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Half Of Americans Make More On Unemployment Than Work

Half of Americans make more on unemployment than working. (Photo courtesy of Mother Jones)

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Canadian Helicopter Has Crashed In Mediterranean; Search Continues

The Associated Press wire service has published a report saying that a military helicopter operating off of a Canadian frigate went missing while taking part in…

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Vibrating Clothes Could Change Body Image

Vibrating clothes could alter the perception of your own body. (Photo courtesy of Frontiers)

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Tupac Shakur Files For Unemployment

Tupac Shakur files for unemployment in Kentucky. (Photo courtesy of NBC Los Angeles)

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Shooting Stars From Halley’s Comet Will Battle Super Flower Moon Next Week

Shooting stars from Halley’s Comet to battle Super Flower Moon next week. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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