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Chinese Crab Found Wandering Streets Of German Town; Possible Restaurant Escapee

Chinese crab was found wandering the streets in German town. Possibly escaped from restaurant kitchen, or is someone’s pet. (Photo courtesy of Grand Forks…

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Double Amputee Aiming To Climb Mt Everest

Double amputee is aiming to climb Mt Everest. (Photo courtesy of

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140 New Geoglyphs Have Been Found Within Nazca Lines In Peru

Over 140 new geoglyphs have been found in Southern Peru, within ancient Nazca Lines. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Lawsuit Filed Against Burger King; Impossible Whopper Contaminated Being Cooked On Same Grill As Meat

Lawsuit against Burger King’s ‘Impossible Whopper;’ claimant says the burger is contaminated, because it’s cooked on the same grill as regular meat. (Photo courtesy…

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Bridal Party Stuck In Traffic Jam Given Ride To Wedding By Firefighters

A bride and her attendants got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to her wedding. Firefighters saw the women trying to walk their way…

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Bar In Dubai Offering Free Drinks To Women Based On Their Weight

Bar in Dubai offering women free drinks based on their weight. (Photo courtesy of Insider)

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Iowa Wrestling Icon Honored With Giant Cheese Sculpture

An Iowa wrestling icon is honored with a giant cheese sculpture. (Photo courtesy of

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Camel, Cow, Donkey Wander Around Kansas Neighborhood

Neighbors find a camel, cow, and a donkey walking through their neighborhood. They look like half of a Nativity scene, but it turns out they…

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John Greenewald’s Black Vault Interview With Linda Moulton Howe On Bismuth

On his Black Vault show, John Greenewald interviews Linda Moulton Howe. They discuss the origin, history and investigation into a piece of metal that is…

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I Can Adjust My Sails

Quotes And Quips, Witty Bits By Gail Hodson Shirk I Can Adjust My Sails I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can…

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