Casey Hathaway, Lost Toddler Saved By Bear Or Bigfoot

Casey Hathaway, Lost Toddler Saved By Bear Or Bigfoot

By Gail Hodson Shirk, SOR News Wire

Casey Hathaway, the three year old boy who disappeared into the woods behind his great-grandmother’s house on Tuesday, and was found Thursday, has been revealing a most riveting story. He has told people that during his three day and two night ordeal, he was hanging out with a bear. Casey’s description of the days he was missing has been confirmed by Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes, to whom Casey also reported he had been hanging out with a bear.

It all began when Casey had been playing in the back yard of his great-grandmother’s home with two other children. After some time, the two playmates went back inside the house, at which point Casey’s great-grandmother noticed he was not with them. She searched everywhere she could, but he was gone.

The family and friends initially spent 45 minutes searching for him, and then called 911 to report him missing. A search team of rescuers and law enforcement was assembled including FBI, NCIS, dozens of volunteers and the US Marine Corps. Authorities employed helicopters, drones and K-9 units, with divers also assessing nearby ponds.

They spent three days combing Craven County, North Carolina terrain, their attention focused on 1,000 acres of a heavily wooded area. The team was relentless in its effort to find Casey; facing heavy rain, wind, and temperatures at night that hovered around freezing, all the while bearing in mind young Casey was experiencing the same hardships.

The news surrounding Casey having being found, reported that on day three a tip was received, which led the searchers to a spot where they could hear the three year old child calling for his mother. They followed his call 40 to 50 yards into the woods, through water, to find the little boy tangled in vines and thorns.

Immediately transported to a local hospital, he was evaluated and treated for some minor scrapes and scratches. Casey is doing fine, and his mother said he was eager to watch Netflix. And as children do who have been on a great adventure, he has been providing details of what happened.

Casey said he spent two days hanging out with a bear. A bear! For the record, bears hibernate in the cold months of winter, and there are no reports available of bears coming out of hibernation to tend lost children. However, also on record, are many reports of Bigfoot helping lost children. The compilations of Bigfoot stories include myriad experiences where Bigfoot intervened in a lost child’s plight, and helped him survive.

So did Casey Hathaway spend two days with a bear, or did he spend two days with a   Bigfoot? Could this big, furry creature, who many believe is just mythical, have cared for, and kept alive for two days in freezing, inclimate weather, a three year old toddler, who wandered off, and got himself into a perilous situation? Some may doubt such a thing; however, in the light of what we know about bears in winter, and Bigfoot’s documented interaction with other children, I am going with Bigfoot. What do you think?


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