Canada’s Government Knows About UFOs

Canada’s Government Knows About UFOs

By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio

Is the Canadian Government harboring secrets about UFOs? According to one former Minister, the answer is definitely yes! A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about this topic. It was in regards to something UFO researcher and writer, MJ Banias, out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, stated on Spaced Out Radio. According to Banias, a few months prior to the Canadian federal election in October of 2019, he was approached by an ‘aide’ to a sitting Conservative Party Member of Parliament who wanted to ask some questions regarding UFOs. Banias stated at that time, the conversation started over email, eventually leading to a serious phone conversation. The talented writer for VICE and Popular Mechanics stated, “The conversation focused on three main things. 1) My current awareness of any Canadian military personnel, particularly those in senior positions, being aware of or discussing the current UFO issue. I have never spoken to any military officer regarding UFOs in a formal setting with the intention to discuss policy or security. 2) Why Canada and the Canadian media were not as interested in UFOs as the Americans were? 3) If a Canadian politician was asked about UFOs and the government’s position on them during a question period, what would be a suitable response?”

Banias stated he was a little caught off guard by the line of questioning at that time, “While I am used to fielding questions regading the phenomenon itself, it is unique that someone in government reached out in order to engage in a more sociological conversation discussing the implications of a question posed during an election year regarding UFOs.”

Since the article with Banias, we reached out to the major federal political parties for response. We never received any phone calls or emails back, much to our chagrin. Looking for more details and answers to this subject, we turned our attention to the Honourable Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of Defense under Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson. Hellyer, who still sits on Canada’s Privy Council, opened up in September of 2005 that UFOs and the Extraterrestrial presence here on earth is a very real phenomenon.

Hellyer stated that even though he’s pretty much the political ‘face’ of ufology in Canada, he has never been approached by any party in Canada to discuss the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. He was also surprised that the questions to Banias would come from a member of the Conservative Party, “I would be astounded if the party were officially involved.” Even though many incidents regarding UFOs have happened in Canadian airspace and on the ground, Hellyer called out the media for not reporting on the subject with serious intent. “The depth of my disappointment in the Canadian media is beyond description.”

But that doesn’t mean Canada doesn’t have it’s dark little secrets. According to Hellyer, there is a tiny hidden sect in Ottawa, whose job is to look into the phenomenon, and they take it very seriously. “I am told that there is a group that occupies one floor of the National Research Council building. A former Mountie confirmed in writing that the RCMP was involved.” This ‘special’ group also has had contact.
According to Hellyer, his source about this hidden group, stated they, “inadvertently told him that Canada had been in touch with two alien species on the assumption that he was in the loop, but went mum as soon as they realized he wasn’t.” The security of the matter, which is likely tied to the United States Government as well, keeps this a very quiet topic. The former Minister of Defense believes the secrecy keeps every day politicians out of the loop because they talk too much. “I would guess that a very small clique of the civil service are quite well informed but have strict instructions not to discuss the subject outside their own little circle.” That meaning some MP’s in Ottawa would be a little too boisterous publicly on matters of National Security and Defense. But, partly, according to Hellyer, the Minister of National Defense would have tidbits of information, but not anything of significance concerning Canadian Black Ops programs such as UFOs and ET Contact.

When Hellyer was Minister of Defense in Canada from 1963 to 1967, under his watch, the famous Falcon Lake Incident happened. Manitoba native, Stefan Michalak, was allegedly injured and burned by a UFO, while out prospecting for silver near the lake at that time. A couple of weeks after the 1967 election where Pearson’s Liberals lost to the Conservative Party, the Shag Harbour Incident happened in Nova Scotia on October 3rd.

Currently, there hasn’t been any political news about UFOs from Ottawa, even though many people in the media believe that the topic will be up for discussion in the upcoming 2020 United States election. Many Democratic candidates, including Bernie Sanders have publicly stated that if they are elected, they will disclose any and all knowledge of the UFO phenomenon to the public as long as it does not harm National Security.

(Photo courtesy of Toronto Star)

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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