Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?

This Florida Man 

By Kelly Eyer

Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?

Hello, My Fellow Space Travellers!

It is great to talk to you all again. My story today is going to be more of me asking a question, and also a rant. This has been on my mind since I heard a couple of shows the last few weeks; and it, with my extra workload from our current situation, and packing for my move, have given me time to let these run around in my brain.

First, what do you all consider a skeptic? Do you consider a skeptic a debunker? Do you think of a skeptic as someone who is willing to look at data and possibly change his mind on something?
Just to inform all of you wonderful readers, I am a skeptic, not a debunker. There is a big difference, and in my honest opinion, there is less of a difference between a debunker and a believer/experiencer.

Hear me out. You see, a skeptic is someone who is willing to change his point of view when  he is handed data …. and by data, I mean demonstrable proof that what happened, happened. A debunker, on the other hand, will not change his mind even if he lived in the world’s most haunted house getting his nose picked by ghosts while Greys parked their saucer in his front lawn while they delivered his pizza.

The same can be said for believers/experiencers. Let me ask all of you experiencers a second question. If a scientist came to your house, did a full investigation and found your experience to be mundane and laid all of the evidence right in front of your face, would you accept it as a fact? Or would you continue to believe what you experienced was real? Something tells me it would be the latter.

Now, I keep hearing people ask, “Why won’t scientists take a hard look at the (umbrella term) Paranormal field?” Does it have to do with the lack of funding? Sure, it very well could be that. However, I think the other part of it could be that some scientists view taking on all of these MONUMENTAL tasks would be like herding cats. For instance, we have the new Skinwalker Ranch show (Sorry MoonJoey I said the word) on the History channel. I heard on the show one night that it came up and without giving the show a chance, it seemed like nobody was none too pleased. Give it a chance. I have seen all 5 episodes so far and I am here to tell you, we have more data from that than the Bigelow’s team gave us even after 20 years and a really good documentary from Jeremy Korbel.

Like I said before, the Paranormal community is always asking for science to take a look at all of this. Well folks, you have Travis Taylor who is an engineer who holds PhDs in Optical Science and Engineering, Aerospace Systems Engineering, and master’s degrees in Physics and Astronomy.  Then you have Dr. Jim Segala, who holds a PhD in Physics as well as advanced degrees in Engineering.

So all I am asking all of you to do is take a different look at skeptics. We want to believe we just need hard data to change our minds. Take everything with a grain of salt. The experiencers have been asking for actual scientists to take a look at the paranormal field. We have it on the SWR show. And in my honest opinion, they are doing a bang-up job. Other than having a 24-hour live stream of SWR, I highly doubt this will please everyone.

Oh and non-experiencers can be researchers too!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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