Bigfoot Official Animal Of Whitehall, NY

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Bigfoot stories have been a part of the Village of Whitehall, NY, dating back in history to the Algonquin and Iroquois nations. Over the years, Whitehall has never been without sightings of the huge cryptid. The village and its residents moved forward with time, and in the 1970s, many reports of Bigfoot started coming in from around the local golf course. Due to these frequent sightings, Whitehall passed a law to protect their Sasquatch neighbors.
To celebrate the attachment and affection locals feel toward Bigfoot, not only do they have the law protecting his species, they erected statues of him throughout the community, celebrate him with an annual Sasquatch Calling Festival, and run the yearly Bigfoot Half-Marathon.
In keeping with honoring Bigfoot’s celebrity, which is a unique source of income to the community, Whitehall recently passed a resolution that makes him their Official Animal. In addition, the last Saturday in September had been designated Sasquatch Appreciation Day.
It’s unknown how many Bigfoot live near the village of Whitehall, but as long as sightings continue to be reported, and tourists keep coming to look for him, he will remain a significant part of the community. And now as their Official Animal, he represents the species and the townspeople; an awesome position to hold for man or Sasquatch.