Being A Magician / Meme Engineer…Trickster?

Being a Magician / Meme Engineer…Trickster?

By Aletheia Kardov

The “Magician” concept seems to exist at the level of quantum mechanics, down to the level of social mammals exchanging memes. It’s possible that it’s the single most important ‘parable’ in the entire world…

When you talk to people, if you ‘push an idea’, their ego will do one of two things:

1) embrace it, if it’s very similar to their own collection of favorite memes (their ego or personality)

2) violently expel it, if it would tend to disprove their ego (the ego it could be argued is just a collection of memes).

Real “Magicians” don’t push, they drop little bread crumbs that are not a direct assault on the other person, and let them pick up any of the shiny bits if they want to. Then when it’s clear that they’ve adopted one of the memes, then another smattering of casual breadcrumbs are dropped and this process is repeated until the “magician” gets to where they want you to be.

This can be used for good and bad, some “Magicians” do this for manipulation, some want to share information for others to consider deeply, you can do the same thing, except you might tell them, or in any case tell them to make up their own mind and not depend upon other people’s opinions too much.

But the truth?

If a “Magician” surrounds you with breadcrumbs, that are nice and shiny, the chances are that you will hoover up quite a bit, and then make it part of ‘yourself’. If you do this yourself, you may like it; it may “empower your ego”. If someone else tries to do the same for them ‘forcefully’, then it feels like death to the ego and the person and rejection is usually the only result.

Now, am I saying that this happens all the time? People land where they “land” and people are responsible for themselves and their actions’. That’s up to them and the Universe… but any good “Magician” puts shiny trinkets out there… it’s up to the audience what they do with the shiny things.

How many Magicians are there in Ufology and how many are under their spell?

What say you?