Back In The Saddle…..Again!

First off, I want to start off my latest blog by thanking all of you, our great listeners of Spaced Out Radio.  The reason?  This past week, we surpassed one million downloads.  Now I know there are other shows out there that get probably that number of downloads a month, but for us, as we continue to grow SOR into a business, the one million mark is huge for us. That’s a lot of people who’ve given us the opportunity to speak to them.  I’m so proud of our staff, and business partners for working so hard to help make this happen.  Spaced Out Radio may be my concept, but it truly does take a team to make things work, and we have an excellent team.  So from all of us, to all of you, thank you so much for allowing us the great opportunity to hit the million download mark.  It’s a special number to hit.
Second, I gotta say, after travelling to Toronto for Alien Cosmic Expo for four days, then travelling home for three nights before heading back out on the road for the Forest Moon Paracon, I…..AM…..TIRED!!!!!  I’m catching up though.  This ten day whirl wind has been exciting as much as it’s been exhausting.  The Alien Cosmic Expo was a real treat.  Stu Bundy from MUFON Canada, and his team worked tirelessly to put on this amazing event. Add to the fact that it was at home, in Canada, made it more special.  It was my first time speaking in front of a crowd that large about my experience.  What I love about these conferences is because SOR is still growing, there are many people who follow our community who haven’t heard of us or what we do.  To be able to introduce myself to them, then do my best to knock my speech out of the park, is a big thrill.  We gained listeners in Toronto, which is always cool.  I discussed my experiences with audience, regarding UFOs and aliens, including Carl.  But as great as the crowd was in accepting me, and SOR, the biggest thrill I had on stage was near the end.  I got to thank my hero and mentor, Grant Cameron.  We are so lucky, as Canadians, to have him as one of us.  In my humble opinion, Grant is one of the best, if not top five researchers in the world.  Thanking him for being my hero and mentor, along with being able to call him a friend, meant a lot.  The best part was the audience giving Grant a long clap for his efforts.  Grant is a humble man.  He works hard and is always researching.  He never takes a break.  I honestly don’t know how he does it, but he does.  Our entire field is better off because of his work ethic.  Getting to hang out with Richard and Tracey Dolan, Grant, Rob Freeman, Randy Cramer and Leslie Mitchell Clarke was awesome.  One of the highlights was being able to talk UFOs on a personal level with Travis Walton.  What a great guy!
Over at the Forest Moon Paracon in Washington State, I turned it up a notch,  talking about controlling the media narrative when it comes to UFOs.  In my opinion, it’s a little bit controversial for a couple of reasons.  Number one, it’s not something that a lot of people talk about, or even understand about the media.  Number two, it’s a very difficult topic to pull off. Hopefully I did that.  Eric Cooper and his Forest Moon Paranormal team did a bang up job once again.  I love attending this event because there’s something really relaxing and chill about it.  Coop, and his lovely wife Issy, are two of the best people I’ve met since entering the paranormal world.  I’ve spoken at this event for four years in a row, and it’s a real highlight for me heading down to Washington State to catch this event.  It’s a laid back atmosphere where everyone has a good time.  Big thanks to Coop’s team of Kris and Brent, Cole, and others for making this happen.  I always have fun at FMParacon, and I encourage everyone to attend this event, if you haven’t already.
My next speaking engagement will be February 20-23, 2020, in San Francisco, California, where Lorien Fenton has graciously asked me to attend and speak at UFOCON 2020.  This will be my second time speaking at this event.  I was there in 2018 and had an absolute blast.  It’s something I look forward to again.  As a speaker, being able to stand up there, in front of complete strangers and tell your story is a complete rush.  I look forward to doing that again!
With my travels, running around for these back to back events, I couldn’t do it without my team supporting me.  Richard Giordano, Everett Themer and ‘Captain’ Gail Shirk did a remarkable job allowing me to rest and relax and not have to worry about the show kicking off on time.  Great job team.   Thank you for allowing me to take a break and get out into the public.  I couldn’t do it without you.
For now, here in the Great White North, we start to prepare for slumbering down for the long, cold winter.  So all my free time will be spent in the forest, cleaning up the dead trees for firewood.  Dead trees cause forest fires, so living in the Cariboo means it’s time to gather as much of that wood as possible.  Much nicer to burn it in the fire place or the out door fire pit, than it is to have it burn down the forest in the heat of summer.  Hard to believe we’re down to the final few months of 2019 already.
With the radio show, there will be some exciting things coming soon.  Keep looking at our website, for updates.  The store is almost ready.  We’re opening up a book section called ‘We Read The Night’, where we are adding some awesome authors to our page, and you can get their books through Amazon right on the page.  We’re FINALLY, and I mean FINALLY going to start the SOR Space Travelers Club for $5 a month.  And the store is going to have some pretty awesome swag in it.  We’re becoming more interactive.  We’re going to all do this together.
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Author: Dave Scott

Hi I'm Dave. I like hockey, fishing, my chainsaw, and ALIENS!

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