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Landlord Admits To Killing Couple Because They Kept Him Up At Night

Landlord admits to killing couple because they kept him up at night. (Photo courtesy of

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Japan Appears To Be Going Ahead With Plan To Dump Radioactive Water Into Ocean

Japan appears to be going ahead with plan to dump radioactive water into ocean. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Orbiting Space Junk Avoids Collision

Orbiting space junk misses collision with each other. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Missing San Francisco Zoo Lemur Found At Daly City Playground

Elderly lemur missing from San Francisco zoo found at Daly City playground. (Photo courtesy of

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Major Twitter Outage Affected Users Around World

Major Twitter outage affected users around world. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Trudeau Keeping Canada-USA Border Closed

Trudeau says Canada-USA border will remain closed until US gets Coronavirus under control. (Photo courtesy of SCMP)

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Retired Air Force Official Said UFO Research Scuttled Because UFOs Were Real

A retired Air Force official in charge of Project Blue Book said before his death last year that the effort may have been scuttled not because…

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Zamboni Bursts Into Flames At New York Ice Rink

Zamboni bursts into flames at New York ice rink. (Photo courtesy of USAToday)

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President Trump Acknowledges UFOs And Could Have Threatened Extraterrestrials

President Donald Trump, when asked about a new Pentagon task force for studying UFOs, replied that he would look into it—and then began boasting about…

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Finnish Airline Bringing Its Inflight Meals To Stores

Finnish airline bringing its inflight meals to stores. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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