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Newfoundland Snowmobilers Rescue Massive Moose Stuck In Snow Hole

Kind hearted snowmobilers In Newfoundland rescue massive moose trapped in deep hole in the snow. (Photo courtesy of Mailonline)

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Churchgoers Flock To Hear Louisiana Pastor Despite Virus Ban

Churchgoers continue to flock to hear a Louisiana pastor despite Coronavirus ban. After services people were hugging and shaking hands as though nothing had changed….

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Australia Rationing Alcohol Now That Toilet Paper Issue Has Settled Down

Australian shops are rationing alcohol as quarantined residents are turning to drink now that the toilet paper issue has settled down. (Photo courtesy of…

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Truckload Of Toilet Paper Burns In Texas After Highway Crash

Truckload of toilet paper burns in Texas after highway crash on Interstate 20. (Photo courtesy of TooFab)

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Spaced Out Radio Cryptid Tales – Cold Weather Phenomena

Spaced Out Radio Cryptid Tales With Amber Bekkerud Cold Weather Phenomena In this episode of Cryptid Tales, Amber steps away from actual Cryptid stories to…

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UFO’Real? A Historical Review By William Pullin, UFO Historian Acceptance Greetings! Acceptance. When examining testimony from UFO witnesses, taking great care and exercising caution are…

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Animal Souls

Find What Your Soul Is Seeking Here By Serena Dracis Animal Souls I was working on scheduling posts today, and had scrolled waaaay back in…

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Comet 5 Times Size Of Jupiter Set To Light Up Night Sky In April

Comet 5 times size of Jupiter will light up night sky in April. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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New South Wales Launches Live Streaming Of Zoo Animals

New South Wales zoos are providing live streaming of their animals during closure due to Coronavirus. You can watch hippos backflip, tiger cubs play and…

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Pennsylvania Pastor Plans Woodstock Like Easter Gathering Despite Coronavirus Precautions

Pennsylvania pastor disregards Coronavirus precautions, plans a Woodstock like Easter gathering. (Photo courtesy of Friendly Atheist)

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