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One Of 400 Remaining North Atlantic Right Whales Found Dead In New Jwrsey

One of 400 remaining North Atlantic right whales found dead in New Jersey. (Photo courtesy of IFAW)

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Blood Sucking Vampire Fish Spawning In Vermont; Experts Say Not To Worry

Blood sucking vampire fish are spawning in Vermont waters. Experts say not to worry. (Photo courtesy of dailymail)

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NASA Names DC Headquarters After Mary Jackson, First Black Woman To Become NASA Engineer

NASA names its DC headquarters after Mary Jackson, the first Black woman to become a NASA engineer. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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The Black Vault: Off The Record Email May Shed Light On Handling Of Air Force UFO Cases

Off the record email may shed light on handling of Air Force UFO cases. (Photo courtesy of The Black Vault/John Greenewald, Jr)

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Man Nearly Dies After Inserting Eel Up Rectum To Cure Constipation

Man nearly dies after inserting eel up his rectum to cure constipation. (Photo courtesy of The Mirror)    

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For $125,000 You Could Ride Balloon Into Stratosphere

For $125,000 you could ride a balloon into the stratosphere. (Photo courtesy of

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Tanzanian Miner, Father Of 30 Children, Becomes Millionaire Overnight When He Finds Huge Gemstones

Tanzanian miner, who is the father of 30 children, became a millionaire overnight when he dug up huge gemstones worth £2.4. (Photo courtesy of…

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Quartet Plays To Audience Of Potted Plants In Spanish Opera House

Quartet plays to an audience of potted plants at Spanish opera house. (Photo courtesy of Daily Hive)

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Loch Ness Monster Debate Sparked After Tourist Photographs Creature

Loch Ness Monster debate sparked after tourist photographs creature. (Photo courtesy of Steve Challice)

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Classified UFO Briefing May Have Left Senators Disturbed

Classified UFO briefings may have left senators disturbed. (Photo courtesy of Reddit)

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