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British Columbia’s Tagish Lake Meteorite Holds Clues As To How Life On Earth May Have Arisen

British Columbia’s Tagish Lake meteorite holds clues as to how life on Earth may have arisen. (Photo courtesy of

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Canadian Pastor Held In Myanmar For Breaking Gathering Rule

Canadian pastor held in Myanmar for breaking their gathering rule. (Photo courtesy of

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Director Of Human Space Flight At NASA Resigns Week Before Historic Manned Launch

After only 7 months on the job, the Director of Human Space Flight at NASA has resigned just a week before historic manned space launch….

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Captain Tom Who Raised 40 Million For NHS To Be Knighted

Captain Tom to be knighted. (Photo courtesy of ABC News)

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90 Year Old Gaming Grandma Dubbed World’s Oldest Gaming YouTuber

A 90 year old gaming grandma is dubbed world’s oldest gaming YouTuber. (Photo courtesy of Distractify)

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Annie Glenn, Widow Of Astronaut John Glenn, Has Died At 100 From Complications Of Coronavirus

Annie Glenn, widow of astronaut John Glenn, has died at 100 from complications of Coronavirus. (Photo courtesy of Record Courier)

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New Hampshire Graduates Will Have Ceremony On Ski Lift To Maintain Social Distancing

New Hampshire high school will hold graduation ceremonies with graduates on a ski lift, maintaining social distancing. (Photo courtesy of The Hill)

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Alaskan Grocer Travels 14 Hours By Boat To Feed His Town

Alaskan grocer travels 14 hours by boat to feed his town. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Indigenous Australians Lived Alongside Monster Kangaroos, 7 Meter Long Crocodiles, And Lizards Weighing The Size Of A Small Car

Indigenous Australians lived alongside of monster kangaroos, giant reptiles, including an extinct freshwater crocodile that was about seven metres long, and lizards that weighed the…

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Wild Turkey Decapitated, Duck Eggs Broken At Bird Sanctuary In Roswell, New Mexico

Decapitated turkey and broken duck eggs found at bird sanctuary in Roswell, New Mexico. Authorities have no clue who or what is responsible. (Photo…

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