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John Greenewald’s Black Vault Posts Edward Snowden Comments; Government Not Hiding Aliens

John Greenewald posted on The Black Vault: Let’s go conspiracy mode for a moment. I’ve said for many years Snowden was tasked by USG to…

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Study Being Done On Mice And Effects Of Orange Peels

Mice in Florida are being studied for the effect orange peels have on them. The research is to determine if orange peels can be a…

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Craig’s List Founder Donates $1.5 Million To Fight Fake News

Craig’s List founder, Craig Newmark, is donating $1.5 million to organization dedicated to fighting fake news. (Photo courtesy of Forbes)

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Virginia County Reverses Ban On Overnight Sleeping In Car

A Virginia county has reversed it ban on overnight sleeping in car. (Photo courtesy of Khabarhub English News)

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Purple Sea Urchins Decimate Kelp Off Coasts Of California And Oregon

Purple sea urchins have decimated kelp off California coast and are working their way up through Oregon coast. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Florida Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Stuffed Olaf In Target Store

Florida Man has been arrested for sexually assaulting stuffed Olaf in Target Store. (Photo courtesy of The Smoking Gun)

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Silva Record Publishes Dr Colm Kelleher May Have Left TTSA

Silva Record discusses whether Dr Colm Kelleher has left TTSA. Dr Kelleher’s Photo and bio no longer are on the TTSA website. (Photo courtesy…

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Former Astronaut, Jerry Linenger, Saw UFOs From Mir Space Station

Former astronaut, Jerry Linenger, saw UFOs from Mir Space Station. . (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Scientists Teach Rats To Drive Tiny Cars; Rewarded With Food

Scientists teach rats to drive tiny cars to pick up food for themselves. (Photo courtesy of The Drive)

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Did TTSA’s Luis Elizondo Ever Really Work For AATIP?

Did TTSA’s main UFO guy, Luis Elizondo, ever really work for the AATIP Program? (Photo courtesy of Jazz Shaw)

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