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Horror Movies Believed To Be Cursed

There are horror movies that are believed to be cursed. Sometimes, making movies can be a dangerous business. (Photo courtesy of (CC BY 2.0…

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Minnesota Museum Holds Creepiest Doll Contest

Museum in Minnesota holds creepiest doll contest. (Photo courtesy of History Center of Olmsted County)

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Canada Woodchopper Who Donates Wood To Needy Faces $500 Daily Fine; Wood Pile Is Fire Hazard

Generous woodchopper, who gives wood away to the needy, faces $500 per day fine for huge pile of wood; officials say it’s a fire hazard….

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Thousands Of Witches Working On Binding Spell Against President Trump For Friday Night

Thousands of witches are working on a binding spell against President Trump for Friday night. (Photo courtesy of  CBN News)

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Tiny Wingless Newly Discovered Beetle Named After Greta Thunberg

Climate activist teen, Greta Thunberg, has tiny newly discovered wingless beetle named after her. (Photo courtesy of Rochester First)

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Window Washers Hang On For Their Lives As High Winds Hit Canada

Window washers hang on for their lives as high winds hit Canada. (Photo courtesy of TVNZ)

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William Pullin
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Misinformation Floating Around The UFO Community

WILLIAM PULLIN, THE UFO HISTORIAN Misinformation Floating Around The UFO Community  Greetings! Misinformation. Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of investigating the UFO enigma…

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Parking Space In Hong Kong Most Expensive In World, Sells For Nearly $1 Million

A Hong Kong parking space has sold for nearly $1 million. This makes it the most expensive parking space in the world, costing more than…

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In MLS Playoffs, Toronto FC Knocks Out NYCFC

Soccer news: MLS playoffs have Toronto Football Club knocking out top seeded New York City Football Club, and Seattle eliminating Real Salt Lake. (Photo…

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“The Little People”

Other Realms Contact Seekers By MoonJoey “THE LITTLE PEOPLE” No discussion concerning “the little people” would be complete without including gnomes. By the way, did…

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