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Filming Herself Dancing, Woman Interrupted By Stalker Breaking In Through Window

Filming herself dancing for Tik Tok, woman was interrupted by stalker breaking in through her second floor apartment window. (Photo courtesy of People)

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Science Bob Tells A Story

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Science Bob Tells A Story

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Second Mysterious Monolith, Located In Romania, Disappears Overnight

Second mysterious monolith, located in Romania, has disappeared overnight. (Photo courtesy of Ziar Piatra Neamt)

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A 103 Year Old Time Capsule Found In New York State Landmark

A 103 year old time capsule was found in the Roslyn Grist Mill in New York State while being restored. It contained rare coins and two…

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New Study Reveals Similarities Between Bees And Humans

New study reveals similarities between bees and humans. (Photo courtesy of

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Toward End Of Last Ice Age Cliff Walls In Amazon Rain Forest Painted With Thousands Of Images

Toward the end of the last Ice Age, prehistoric artists painted tens of thousands of images—including depictions of mastodons, giant sloths and other now-extinct animals—on…

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World’s Loneliest Elephant Finds New Home In Cambodia

World’s loneliest elephant finds new home in Cambodia. (Photo courtesy of

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Mysterious Object Hurtling Toward Earth; NASA Scientists Don’t Know What It Is

Mysterious object is hurtling toward Earth, and NASA scientists still don’t know what it is. (Photo courtesy of

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Utah Monolith Disappears Over The Weekend; Almost Identical One Appears In Romania

Utah monolith disappears over the weekend; almost identical one appears in Romania. (Photo courtesy of New York Post)

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This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio

This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio Monday – Friday 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM KONR Digital Radio (PRAISE BE) KDNF AM 1560, Daingerfield, Texas…

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