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Science Bob

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Science Bob

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UFOs-Do We Need To Get The “F” Out?

UFOs – Do We Need To Get The “F” Out? By Aletheia Kardov When we discuss UFO’s sightings, cases, and the overall mystery that UFO’s…

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Virginia Man Gets Permission To Be Buried In Juicy Fruit Themed Casket

Virginia man gets permission to buried in Juicy Fruit themed casket. (Photo courtesy of 7News)

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Canadian News Anchor Calls Out Viewer Who Complained There Was Too Much Cleavage

Canadian news anchor calls out viewer who criticized her cleavage.. (Photo courtesy of People)

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Brazilian Official Killed By Arrow To Chest Near Indigenous Tribe

Brazilian official killed by arrow to chest near indigenous tribe. (Photo courtesy of Reuter’s)

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Weird Reason Some Are Protesting Statue At A McDonalds

Weird reason some people are protesting statue at a McDonalds. (Photo courtesy of

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Tick Species Associated With Bats Spotted In New Jersey For First Time

A tick species associated with bats has been spotted in New Jersey for the very first time. The health risks are unknown. (Photo courtesy…

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Bear Recaptured After Third Escape From Wildlife Habitat

Bear recaptured after third escape from wildlife habitat. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Toy Hall Of Fame Finalists

Toy Hall Of Fame finalists. (Photo courtesy of Whec TV)

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Deputy Finds Reported Alligator In Shed Is Pool Floatie

Deputy finds reported alligator hiding in storage shed is pool floatie. (Photo courtesy of WESH Orlando)

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