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Captain Of Aircraft Carrier Who Raised Alarm Over COVID-19 On His Ship Relieved Of Duty

Navy relieves captain of aircraft carrier of his duty. The captain raised an alarm over the COVID-19 virus on his ship; his superiors believe he…

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Spaced Out Radio News – Website Issues

Spaced Out Radio News Website Issues We want to keep all listeners up to date on SOR news, as it happens. Currently, we are experiencing…

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Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, Promises To Shoot Dead Anyone Who Violates Lockdown

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned violators of coronavirus lockdown measures they could be shot for causing trouble. (Photo courtesy of ABC)

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NASA Will Show You The Picture Hubble Space Telescope Took On Your Birthday

NASA will show you the photograph Hubble Space Telescope took on your birthday. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Australia Begins Testing Two Potential Coronavirus Vaccines

Australia begins testing two potential Coronavirus vaccines, including one made by US company. (Photo courtesy of Mainichi JP)

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West Virginia Middle School Making Masks For Health Care Industry

West Virginia middle school is making masks for health care industry. (Photo courtesy of WV News)

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Chinese City, Shenzhen, Bans Eating Cats And Dogs

Chinese city, Shenzhen, bans eating cats and dogs. (Photo courtesy of Daily Express)

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NASA Reveals How Many Applied To Become Astronauts

NASA reveals how many people applied to become astronauts. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Newfoundland Snowmobilers Rescue Massive Moose Stuck In Snow Hole

Kind hearted snowmobilers In Newfoundland rescue massive moose trapped in deep hole in the snow. (Photo courtesy of Mailonline)

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Churchgoers Flock To Hear Louisiana Pastor Despite Virus Ban

Churchgoers continue to flock to hear a Louisiana pastor despite Coronavirus ban. After services people were hugging and shaking hands as though nothing had changed….

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