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50 Years Later, Hawke’s Bay UFO Sighting Still A Mystery

it’s been 50 years since the UFO sighting at Hawke’s Bay. With all the years gone by, it remains a mystery despite what became common acceptance…

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If You Love Your Freedom, Celebrate Veterans!

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio If You Love Your Freedom, Celebrate Veterans! There’s an old saying that reads, “Those who…

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Carl Sagan’s 9 Step Method To Baloney Detection

Carl Sagan’s 9 step method for ‘Baloney Detection.’ (Photo courtesy of The Planetary Society)

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Brothel Outside Area 51 Provides AI Robotics In Virtual Reality

Area 51 brothel is offering AI sex robots for global customers. The UFO themed business, called Alien Cathouse, is located just outside Area 51, and…

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Indiana Woman Found Dead With Python Around Her Neck

Indiana woman found dead with python wrapped around her neck. There were 140 snakes in the home where she was found. (Photo courtesy of…

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Harvard Law Students Have Been Asked To Stop Feeding And Watering Loose Bird In Libraryp

Students at Harvard Law have been asked to stop feeding and watering a loose bird in the library. (Photo courtesy of Above The Law)

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If UFOs Were Made Of Chocolate

Have You Considered  By Aletheia Kardov  If UFOs Were Made Of Chocolate If UFOs were made of chocolate, we wouldn’t be able to reverse engineer…

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WWE Holds First Ever Women’s Wrestling Match In Saudi Arabia

WWE to hold first ever women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia.  (Photo courtesy of

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Greta Thunberg Keynote Speaker At Los Angeles Oil Drilling Protest

Activist Greta Thunberg joins Los Angeles protest against California oil drilling; she will be Friday’s keynote speaker. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Plea, Sentencing Set For Killing Endangered Whooping Crane

Plea and sentencing set for killing extremely endangered whooping crane in Louisiana. (Photo courtesy of The Advocate)

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