Are UFOs In The Discussion Again?

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Are UFOs In The Discussion Again?
The American people have spoken!  Before any potential court dates to question whether or not there’s been election fraud, many in the UFO world are fist pumping, thinking that President Elect Joe Biden will be the man of Disclosure.  This guy hasn’t been elected for five minutes and already many are calling him the UAP Saviour.  So why would this even enter discussion right now?  After a tumultuous and bitter election which will definitely go down in history as one of the most odd and difficult ever, the last thing that’s on Biden’s mind is going to be UFOs.
Why?  Easy.  COVID-19 for one, as the USA is being kicked around by the virus in every state, in every region. He has to have a good look at the economy.  He’s going to spend the first number of months, once he’s in the White House, having to clean up the previous messes left by President Trump.  It’s what all first time winners do when they are first elected.  But UFO’s?  Right now, I would only assume this discussion would be far down the list, unless there is some imminent threat that is approaching from the stars.
Love him or hate him, Donald Trump talked a lot about UFOs.  He never admitted to actually believing in the phenomenon, but a few times did say publicly that he does believe the fine men and women of the military if they believe they’ve seen something out of this world while defending U.S. airspace.  Trump discussed Roswell, and other areas of UFO research that no other President had ever discussed publicly.  In fact, I believe that if Trump would have been re-elected, we’d probably get closer to actual disclosure than potentially Biden.  Why?  Because as we know, Trump didn’t care for the old way, or keeping secrets, or protocol.  Before you blow a gasket because I mentioned the ‘T’ word, a reminder to you that I’m Canadian, and have no dog in this fight.  I’m just an outside observer who is bringing up what’s already been said in the media.

Now for President Elect Biden, is there a possibility that he could be ‘Disclosure Man’?  I don’t think so, at least not for the first number of months into his tenure.  Not for a while.  No this isn’t a shot at him, the Democrats, or any crap like that.   But, there are some intriguing thoughts that go along with this.  UFO pundits have always stated that a Democrat President is more likely because they don’t have the religious side of the party dictating policy or scripture to them.  Biden also has a history with the Clintons, and we all know they were into the UFO game, although Bill downplayed it during this Presidency.  Many in the UFO world, including Paradigm Research Group head, and UFO lobbyist, Steven Bassett completely believe that any sort of real ‘Disclosure’ has to come from the Democrats.

We also know John Podesta’s love of UFOs and being a high ranking Democrat, it makes sense that he may have some pull and sway around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  We know Chris Mellon over the years, has had incredible respect shown to him as he lobbies for UFO transparency.  If we can call the TTSA transparent?  That’s for another debate and discussion.

But for now, don’t expect the topic of UFOs to be anywhere near the White House and President Elect Biden until mid to late 2021.  That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it.  Also, considering what a wild card Donald Trump is.  We have two and a half months before he leaves office and hands the keys over to #46.  Does The Donald now expose the secrets of the Presidency in order to potentially save his butt from any sort of law suits?  Does he mention what happened at Roswell or other places?  He’s in the know.  How many of the beans does he spill before leaving office?  That’s the ultimate question!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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