Let’s say it the way it is right now, the Tom Delonge and his To The Stars Academy for Arts and Science has done more for the field of UFOlogy in the last six months, than what has taken place in the last 70 years.  There’s been both positive and negative aspects of this latest round of what many are calling ‘Disclosure’.  However, I have gone on Spaced Out Radio claiming it’s more of a ‘Soft Disclosure’, but I’m starting to lean more towards what the great Grant Cameron is writing.  Grant is calling it ‘Confirmation’.  Now for people who do not know who Grant Cameron is, well, personally, I think he’s number one when it comes to UFO history and research.  The Canadian from Winnipeg, Manitoba, (so you know I’m a tad biased), has been the face and voice of reasoning when it comes to this latest UFO campaign.  His daily videos, interviews and research have really tipped the scales as he calls what he sees down the middle, the way a true researcher and writer should do.  Maybe it’s the Canadian way as we don’t like taking sides in journalism?  I don’t quite know.  But Grant is the man everyone should be reading now, especially when it comes to the TTSA, and their movements within the field.
Now, this past Friday, TTSA released another supposed UFO video from the Navy, and a couple of F/A-18 Hornets.  This time, it was a quick moving orb, shutting just above the ocean.  They released a whole 15 second of it skimming the water.  You can view the video here:
Now, here’s what’s amazing.  That object, which looks like an orb, is moving so fast, the fighter pilots are dumbfounded as to what it is.  The video leaves you wanting more, however, it’s only 15 seconds of teaser to figure out if it’s a UFO or not.  We are supposed to believe it’s a UFO because To The Stars tells us it is.  The video is shot from 25,000 feet, and the camera in the Hornet is facing below towards the ocean.  Now, when I first watched it, I was amazed by the speed of this, whatever it was.  But then I looked at it again.  There is nothing on that video that screams out to me that it’s a UAP.  For all I know, in that fifteen seconds of film, I could be looking at a shell that’s been fired from a giant naval cannon?  I have no idea.  I wish I could have seen more, because when it comes to this research, more is definitely better, and I really prefer in a circumstance like this, not to take their word for it.  Now if they would have shown this craft making a dead stop, or all of the sudden climbing vertical and an amazing rate of speed, that would be more convincing that we’re dealing with something phenomenal.  But it’s more of the same, and frankly, with TTSA, we should be getting used to it now.  
To me, it all seems a little too propagandous.  This video came out with a Washington Post article.  It was an opinion piece, written by former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in both the Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr.’s Presidencies, Christopher Mellon.  Who NOW, by the way, just happens to be a private equity investor and adviser to the To The Stars.  His role as adviser, is to take care of National Security Affairs for the TTSA.  So, in essence, we have an intelligence spook writing about UFOs now for a major U.S. newspaper.  Does this seem logical that the Washington Post would allow this group to do this?  Basically advertising their own product through an opinion piece?  There is no journalism in that.  None at all.  So think about it.  If you own a business, like I do with Spaced Out Radio.  Our parent company is called SOR Media, wants to do a bit of advertising in the Washington Post, could you or me write an opinion piece on our business to get some free space in the paper?  Or does this have anything to do with another space billionaire in Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos?  And because it’s in Washington, D.C., we also have to ask if there’s any relation to this story and John Podesta and/or Robert Bigelow?
Look, I know I have aired my concerns of the entire TTSA and their agenda.  I’m still not even close to being one hundred percent sure that they are doing this for the right reasons.  I don’t honestly know if I ever will be.  The information is just too spotty.  It’s now come out that this latest video, which they say is a UFO, was actually released two years ago.  So how is this new information that TTSA is allegedly providing to the public.  Once again, as Grant Cameron states, this is ‘Confirmation’ and NOT ‘Disclosure’.  Look, I am all for the mainstream media finally taking this story seriously.  I do strongly believe that for many UFO experiencers and alien abductees/contactees it was a huge victory when that original story came out on December 16th of last year.  Finally, thousands of people had been vindicated from the bullying and abuse taken by family, friends, co-workers, medical professionals that this was indeed a happenstance the Government of the United States was researching and believing in.  But the evidence is still not very strong.  And this makes me wonder what the agenda of TTSA is all about?
Now, I’m not naive enough to think that we are ever going to get full disclosure in our lifetimes.  Maybe our children or our future grand or great grand children will.  And if so, great!  They’ll probably be better off for it.  However, I think, since Roswell, there’s too many secrets still looming that could cause some major concern for the American public that only time can get rid of.  The next few generations will be over any hidden secrets of technology or the trading of people and animals for alien research.  Our society will be so advanced, it will no longer matter that thousands of people were taken against their will and experimented on for the sake of receiving technology in return.  Which, in thinking about it, makes me question what this is all about?  The TTSA has some incredibly intelligent people on its team, and most of us in this field will likely never know half of what they truly know.  But for me, I just have a hard time trusting a bunch of government contractors and former spooks, who all still have top secret security clearance, to be the new voice of UFOs.  I’m not sure that’s beneficial, because these are professional hide and seek players, who have been paid for a long time to keep the truth out of the public eye.  So why should we think that all of the sudden since they are civilians now, that they’re all of the sudden going to open up and swear on the Holy Bible that they’re going to tell the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them, God?  There’s too many secrets and back door dealings that make me quite uncomfortable, and I am much preferring to sit back and analyse the information that comes forward.  I feel there’s a real lack of transparency when it comes to the TTSA.  And when I see red flags bandying about, it makes me question the validity of this company.
So my recommendation for anyone reading this, or following this entire process, please dig around and see what real researchers are coming up with?  Who?  Grant Cameron.  Tim Doyle from UFO Seekers.  Lorien Fenton, Melinda Leslie, the Dark Journalist, the FREE Experiencers, or anyone who is a player in this field.  Look at what they’re reporting and saying publicly?  They have nothing to hide!  And bah-humbug to anyone who trounces their work because the researched opinion contrasts with their own.  It’s time to grow up people and start looking at facts, and right now the facts to support the TTSA are questionable to say the least.  We don’t know who is above the President and Interim CEO, Tom Delonge.  We don’t know what kind of government control there is over this publicly traded group?  We don’t know the pull of people like Podesta or Bigelow, who have been rumored to be behind the scenes players in this.  We don’t know.  As for the videos, well, those remain questionable as well.  
For all the people out there though who are playing the ‘jealousy’ card, saying that most UFO researchers are jealous of what TTSA has been able to accomplish and that they’re just pissed off that they didn’t break the news so they’re going to shit all over To The Stars.  My response is, do your homework.  Please.  Then let’s have a frank discussion about it.  I’m always available.  Before you accuse, ask questions.  There’s nothing wrong with asking questions and asking a person why they believe or disbelieve such information.  Stop being so bloody accusatory just because someone else’s opinion differs from yours.  Instead of attacking, try asking.  It works better and that’s how issues are solved!
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