Am I Psychic?

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By Serena Dracis, Paranormal Author 

Am I Psychic? 

The short answer is – YES!

Being psychic is part of being human here on Earth. We’ve just been lied to and suppressed for a very long time. However, “only your imagination” or just “faking it” does not explain why the U.S. and other governments around the world have sunk millions of dollars into psychic research. The official story; that those programs were ended and didn’t come up with much, ignores the developers of those programs who tell a very different story.

Look into Russell Targ, one of the developers of lasers and remote viewing. But there’s plenty of others too.

It’s not a matter of becoming psychic, so much as a matter of dedicating a space and time to practicing your psychic skills.

It’s not hard. You just have to want it. It’s like anything else – to get good at something you have practice. The thing with psychic abilities is, they are coming online strongly now. As in right now, at this point in history, people are waking to their psychic senses in ever increasing numbers.

They have been repressed for a very long time – which is a whole other topic – and now that layer of repression is being stripped away. People are seeing and feeling things like they never have before and that can be a scary thing.

You have a choice.

Let the fear rule you, and be afraid of any paranormal activity or psychic impressions you get. Constantly question yourself, what your intuition tells you. Be at the mercy of everyone else’s emotional backwash and wonder why you’re curled in a heap at the end of the day.

Or you can take the steps to get a handle on these new senses and abilities. Work with them, instead of letting them run roughshod over your life.

Everyone will experience it differently, but you will find many commonalities. It’s nothing like what you read about in a novel, yet the fictionalization is sometimes a good reflection. It is both less and more.

I don’t see things with my physical eyes very often. Mostly I see with my third eye – sometimes so clearly, it overlays my physical vision. Or, more often, I go so deep into my head while meditating that my physical vision is temporarily blanked.

I used to think seeing supernatural stuff with my physical eyes was the only “real” way to do it. That held my progress up for some time. I was constantly comparing my own experiences to others, and finding myself lacking.

Until I learned – it’s my journey. No one else’s. Comparison energy is a complete waste of time. When I turned it around, and focused on my strengths, what I was receiving psychically, whole worlds opened up.

I started practicing the basics. Meditation, grounding, protection. Any chance I had. Whenever I get an odd sensation I try to determine if “anything else” is going on.

I get information in a multitude of ways. Tingling of the skin is a big one. When another being draws close, my skin will tingle. The tingle will change too depending on the energy of the being. Kind, loving beings feel pleasant, sometimes furry, lightly brushing against the skin soothingly. Not so nice beings can feel sharp, or burning, or grabbing.

Symptoms. When someone near me is experiencing pain or illness I can feel those symptoms. For example if I’m around someone who has a cold,  I’ll feel their sore throat and sinus congestion. The sensations will come on suddenly, then disappear just as quickly when I moved away from the person.

This was very distressing early on. Now I know when I experience symptoms that aren’t mine, it means I need to put up my psychic shields and protections. Spiritual hygiene is just as important as washing your hands often when you’ve been out in public places.

Feeling the energy, moods, and physical sensations of those around you is common among empaths. Empathy is the ability to feel other persons emotions or physical state like your own. Many are probably nodding at this. You’ve felt the stabbing, sudden headache, nausea, ear aches, cramping. You’ve doubled over only to have the symptoms dissipate as if they never were.

This increased sensitivity can feel like a blessing and a curse. It’s no fun to feel everything all the time.

You don’t have to. You’re not supposed to.

You have the ability. You can strengthen and develop your senses and protections so that you are not so battered by the heightened emotions of day to day life. You can start today, right now. It’s a first step. Can’t promise the trip will be an easy one, and you’ll probably make lots of missteps along the way.

It’s okay. That’s why it’s called practice.

What is important is that you take the time and put in the work. It also helps to have a reliable set of tools that you know work for you. There’s lots and lots of ways to do this, but I’ve written a book that is a short, basic set of instructions for how to get started.

It’s called Fundamentals of Psychic Development. If you click the link below and sign up for my newsletter, you can get it for free and start practicing right away. In it I cover the foundations of working with your psychic skills – meditation and cleansing.

Click the link below, and claim your free copy now. Start your own adventures on your spiritual path, and open up whole new worlds.