Accuracy In The UFO Community; It’s Required For Credibility

William Pullin

Greetings! Credibility. The UFO field can be a difficult arena to navigate, what with all the different personalities and organizations active in the fold. Having said that, when an individual or an organization makes claims which are not supported by any verified evidence or when inaccurate statements are made by those same individuals or organizations, it paints the entire UFO research community in a bad light. During the course of my professional interactions with the public, I take great pains to be accurate when making statements or referring to historical dates, times, or other such specific details. Unfortunately, this effort to maintain accuracy is not commonplace in the UFO community, in fact, it seems lost on some people who are in leadership positions in certain civilian research organizations. Such conduct makes that individual, and the organization that individual represents, look less professional, and as a result, credibility is lost. High standards of professional conduct should be maintained at all times, anything less is simply sloppy, unfocused, and unacceptable. Thank you for the privilege of your time.

Author: Willam Pullin

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