A Credible UFO Story: Witnesses, Law Enforcement, Photo

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By Kelly Eyer

A Credible UFO Story: Witnesses, Law Enforcement, Photo

The story I have for you today is one I hold close. Yes, it is partially due to having a bias because it happened near the part of Illinois where I grew up. However, this story also has everything one loves when searching for the truth; not just eyewitness accounts, but recorded police reports to their dispatches from seven different police departments! And it includes a grainy polaroid picture of the UFO.

On January 5, 2000, around 4 AM, a phone call came into the Highland Police Department from a man named Melvin Knoll. He reported a white light in the sky was moving toward him. He then noticed the white light was just a small part of a craft. It was very tall and about the size of a football field. Melvin never heard any sound or anything that should be keeping this craft aloft. It had windows with bright lights coming out of them, and red lights underneath. He reported the altitude to be roughly 500 feet. Knoll went to the Highland Police Department to make an official report, which is when the dispatcher contacted Lebanon police officer, Ed Barton.
At first, Barton didn’t believe the news until he saw the white light himself in the northeast sky. As it approached, he shut off his lights and turned off his cruiser to see if it was making any noise. Barton’s description and sketches of the UFO were of a massive and elongated triangle. As the craft slowly moved to the southwest, Barton informed the Shiloh Police that the craft was moving in their direction.
Shiloh Officer, David Martin, announced he could see something in the sky. He also gave the same description of the craft as Barton, and estimated its speed to be 15 MPH. It did increase speed to 80 – 100 MPH, according to some reports.
Meanwhile, Officer Craig Stevens was listening to the radio reports from other officers while he was in Millstadt. Stevens got curious and drove to the east end of town to view the object. He gave the same description of the object as everyone else in this story. As he watched, it began moving to the north. He grabbed his Polaroid camera from the trunk of his cruiser and was able to get one image of the craft as it passed by his location.
Officer Johnny Doss was speeding down the deserted streets of St. Clair when he spotted the bright star, and he as well had the same description as all the other officers who reported seeing it. Another officer, Matt Jany, who after hearing the news on the radio, grabbed his binoculars, and saw the same craft. The final sighting was made close to sunrise by a commuter named Steve Wonnacott, who described the object as arrowhead-shaped and motionless.
It then started moving back toward Lambert International Airport, in St. Louis. This craft spent roughly nine hours of visible flight time, with reports from as far away as Lake Michigan. And the only people in this story who seem to draw a blank, or didn’t see anything, were Scott AFB. It has no radar recordings, nor sightings of this craft as it flew well within their airspace. Nothing, but several police officers from several communities within the area have the sightings, which fortunately were recorded by their dispatches.
I don’t take someone’s personal story as something I can’t believe in. I really believe they had something to happen to them. However, When it comes to this story and the number of credible witnesses, and the fact that it’s recorded for everyone to hear; these are the types of stories that I love.

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Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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