14 Reasons That Made Me Question The TTSA – An Op-Ed

14 Reasons That Made Me Question The TTSA – An Op – Ed
By Dave Scott: Host, Spaced Out Radio
In light of the news of the brilliant minds of Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon and Steve Justice leaving Tom DeLonge’s ‘To The Stars Academy’, I started writing down why I was always hindered in showing public support for the TTSA, while many others were ready to throw money and accolades at the millionaire rockstar and his ‘UFO Dream Team’ to see where it led ‘Disclosure’.  Now I don’t behoove anyone who supported the TTSA both publicly or financially.  That’s their right to do so.  But for me, I always like to take big splashes with a wait and see approach to see how the landscape looks when the entire picture is laid out.  What I saw made me a little uncomfortable.  Over time, I just simply didn’t care.  Call it frustration from seeing the same message over and over and over.  Now at the behest of sounding like a grumpy ‘I told you so’ type journalist, I will remind people that I have been very public about my support of Lue Elizondo in being the face of Ufology in the present and future.  I have also recognized the efforts of Chris Mellon with the news that we’ve seen come out of Washington, D.C.  I believe these two men are serious about getting the job and the information out to the public.  By any means necessary?  No.  Through discussion and conviction, I think they might turn the tap from a drip, to a slow trickle before they call it the day.
That being said, in no particular order, I have fourteen reasons why I felt there were red flags for me and my show, Spaced Out Radio, to show full public support for the To The Stars Academy.

1) A Press-Less Press Conference: On October 11th, 2017, Tom DeLonge took to a stage in Seattle and announced the public formation of the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.  Looking uncomfortable in a shirt, tie and dress jacket, not his normal wear for being on stage, he introduced a ‘Dream Team’ of ufologists.  We were told this group was going to help bring ‘Disclosure’ forward to the world, which could completely change the dynamics of humanity almost instantaneously.  We were told of a space ship they wanted to build.  We heard from people like Jim Semivan and Lue Elizondo about the importance of the work they’d be trying to accomplish.  They needed the public’s help to raise the money through the purchase of shares that exceeded $2.2-million dollars.  However, as a former member of the mainstream media, I was surprised to learn shortly after that their Social Media Live event was not covered by any press at all.  There was no one in the auditorium where the announcement was being made.  This was highly odd, because this is how press conferences work.  People take to the podium to say what they have to say.  Then after the speeches are done, the media breaks into what they call 1-on-1’s to get direct quotes to specific questions that media members may have for the people on stage.  This did not happen.  At first, I really didn’t understand why?  The press coverage would have been good for them.  But it was setting a media tone.

2) Denial of Media Requests: From its inception, the TTSA, rightfully or wrongfully, were very elusive on a media front.  If you weren’t George Knapp, or at the beginning, Jimmy Church from Coast to Coast AM, or if you weren’t a Mainstream Media outlet, the likelihood of getting an interview request granted by the TTSA was slim to none.  Personally, I put in fifteen requests for interviews.  The only time I got close was when I was asked to provide questions at the forefront, which I declined to do.  As a Journalist, I am professional and will not supply questions up front to any guest.  It’s part of the business.  However, the TTSA, didn’t just decline me and Spaced Out Radio.  They declined pretty much everyone with a podcast or radio show that was of the alternative media.  Over time, they eventually starting sporadically granting media requests, but if you look at the majority of the programs people from TTSA were being interviewed by, they were shows that held a bias towards supporting their efforts.  They weren’t tackling interviews that may be non-judgemental, or have serious journalistic questions that needed to be asked.  Many have accused me of being jealous that we have not, to this day, landed someone to interview from the TTSA.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s not just me.  It’s other shows as well of the same caliber or higher.  Always remember this, when you can control the media, you control the message.  Denying media requests, even by not getting back to media outlets, shows that you are not willing to share the message with those who have questions alternative to your way of thinking.

3) TTSA Name on U.S. Navy Videos: One of the major questions many had for members of the TTSA, which to this day, to my best knowledge is ‘How were they legally allowed to put their logo on U.S. Navy videos?’  Tom DeLonge’s crew never owned the ‘TicTac’, ‘Gimbal’ or ‘Go Fast’ videos, yet they were able to advertise them as their own.  Media outlets who shared the content with the TTSA logo all over the world until the Navy confirmed the videos were indeed theirs and real.  Normally when you use something as your own, when in reality it wasn’t yours, there are usually damages that need to be paid.  Sources I’ve talked to claimed the Navy was none too pleased with Lue Elizondo or Chris Mellon for sneaking these videos out of the AATIP program.  Rumors allege they were threatened with losing their ‘Top Secret’ clearance over it.  Is it any wonder why we haven’t seen further video footage since?  Yet the TTSA was able to capitalize off of this, and they were never asked why, or how?  They should have been.  Those videos were government property, not their own.  Ethical questions needed to be addressed.  However, when you control the media, you control the narrative and message!

4) No Talking Aliens:  I have this funny saying I like to use.  When you’ve never seen aliens or a UFO, it’s never aliens.  However when you’ve seen UFOs or Aliens, it’s ALWAYS aliens!  But for some reason, two things happened under TTSA.  We were not longer ‘supposed to’ use the term ‘UFO’.  Instead, we were politically corrected into using the term ‘UAP’ or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.  Secondly, the talk of ‘aliens’ or ‘extraterrestrials’ weren’t allowed to be a part of the conversation because we don’t know if these craft are constructed here on earth by humans, or from somewhere else.  The TTSA always teased with the fact that these objects, whatever they are/were, didn’t seem to be of this earth.  We’ve heard Robert Bigelow, Cmdr. David Fravor, and Luis Elizondo talk about this.  Well if they’re not of this earth, gentlemen, then they are of alien descent.  Am I right or wrong?  But this may go deeper than that.  There are many within the alphabet agencies who do not believe that humankind is ready for any sort of extraterrestrial contact.  Politics, science, religion, anxiety, paranoia all play parts in this.  Humans are a god-fearing bunch.  Considering our love of violence, it may not bode well for extraterrestrial visitors who come in peace, but have bigger guns and weapons than we do.  To me, and this may not be a very popular answer, it seemed the ‘alien’ question was being dodged.  We’re allowed to believe in UFO’s, errr, UAPs, but aliens?  You’ve got to be out of your mind?  But no one in the MSM truly dug into that question.

5) Politically Speaking:  This is one where I think Tom DeLonge got in some hot water leading to Elizondo, Mellon and Justice resigning.  This is OPINION and not proof.  But over the last couple of months leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election, DeLonge became very outspoken about his support for Joe Biden, and disparaging President Donald Trump.  Now many of you may cheer this on, and you’re allowed to.  So was Tom for being very vocal about his political preference.  But UAP research and funding is non-partisan.  You have a Republican government in power until January 20th, the way it’s looking.  You’re asking the President and Republican Senators for taxpayer money to research and start the UAP Task Force.  Yet your TTSA CEO is publicly telling his millions of social media followers to vote for the ‘other guy’.  You don’t have to be a political pundit or military brass to understand that this subject affects everyone!  There are many out there, including Paradigm Research Group’s Steven Bassett, who believe that if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016, Disclosure would have already happened.  President Trump could care less about UFOs, or so we’re led to believe.  DeLonge is also friends with Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, who was former President Barak Obama’s Chief of Staff.  Podesta is a believer in the phenomenon and has worked to get the story out.  Maybe DeLonge’s thinking was Disclosure could only happen under a Democratic Party President, like Joe Biden.  But when it comes to National Security, the military doesn’t care what party you’re from.  UAP’s are a part of National Security.

6) Anti-Ufology: When the TTSA first was announced at their press-less press conference, one thing that immediately stood out to me was the fact there were no current or long time ufologists on their roster.  No Richard Dolan, or Stanton Friedman, as he was alive at that time.  No Grant Cameron or Linda Moulton Howe.  No one from the UFO community or veteran researchers like Peter Davenport, who’ve been doing great work to cover and publicize this phenomenon over the last number of decades.  No, the TTSA, I believe to their detriment, didn’t want any ‘Woo’ types on their team, even though they have great sources and contacts as well.  TTSA’s team and sources were deemed better.  Much of that part is actually true.  The team is/was more connected than we will ever understand.  I was told by ‘insiders’ that the TTSA and its members didn’t give two cares about the UFO community because they already believed or experienced the phenomenon.  Plus they wanted to stay away from the ‘tinfoil hat’ club in order to look more business like and serious in front of the mainstream media and public.  So they alienated, pun intended, the people who could have been their biggest champions, for people who really don’t want to be convinced that there’s something more important out there than the next iPhone or PS5 release.  I think this hurt TTSA’s branding and image with many.

7) Where’d That Post Go?:  For the past few years, Tom DeLonge has been notorious for posting pieces about UFOs and insider information, only to remove the posts an hour or two later.  Almost like someone told him to take that post down.  There were many cryptic posts, many starting off with “What if I were to tell you….”  Thanks to #ufotwitter for following his every post like a hawk, those posts are still around the googlesphere.  Why do this?  Why tease your supporters only to remove the post?  Is this a case of posting before thinking?  Or is this a case of being told that the pertinent information?  Also, memo to Tom.  The people who follow you and believe in you and the TTSA message deserve more than teasing and conjecture.  They deserve answers.  Many put their money where their mouth was and supported TTSA because of you, and the belief there is something truly out there.  You teased, and rarely delivered.

8) Joe Rogan Terrible Experience:  I know enough people in the music world to know there’s a time to ‘rock star’ and a time not to ‘rock star’.  Joe Rogan’s Experience podcast which was live on YouTube, and now been taken down, was not the place to act like a rock star shortly after wearing your suit on October 11th, 2017.  Talking about fake UFOs.  The threat narrative.  Along with joking about whipping your dick out to the cameras were not very appetizing to those who were intrigued about the TTSA and UFOs.  How many times you mentioned ‘I can’t tell you’ or ‘I can’t talk about that’, grew frustrating for the listeners.  Look, I will be the first to admit that I am a potty mouth.  But when you are dealing on a political or professional level, there’s a time and a place to edit yourself.  Tom knew this, because he asked Rogan if he could ‘curse’ on the program.  So the swear words started flying.  Insiders state this interview was a big reason why Tom went silent on social media and stopped doing interviews regarding the TTSA for a long while.  This did nothing to help gain the trust of many on the TTSA Board of Directors.  For me, it wasn’t the swearing, or the ‘guy shop talk’.  No it was the fake videos.  It was talking about how we have to act now and put nuclear weapons in space to defend the world from the alien invaders.  Really?  The panic and the paranoia were on full force for this one.

9) TTSA is NOT a UFO Group:  All along, DeLonge and Team TTSA, along with their followers would continually state this group was not a UFO group.  There was much more to the project than UFOs.  It was about defense.  Technology.  Publishing books, and selling merchandise.  This may be a naive look at TTSA, but they’re the ones who talked about Disclosure.  They were the ones who went in front of the media cameras and microphones to talk about UFOs.  If it wasn’t about UAP, why was Lue Elizondo there?  Why was Chris Mellon trying to lobby Senators and Congress People to ask questions about the UAP Phenomenon?  The CRADA with the military to look at ‘Art’s Parts’ that Tom paid Linda Moulton Howe $35,000.00 for?  Why bring out the three videos?  Why talk to other ‘governments’ about UFOs and Disclosure?

10) Playing the MSM to a TEE:  The UFO story has always been made fun of by the Mainstream Media.  From experience working in news rooms I know that the stereotype of UFO people were minimum wage earning, night time gas station attendants who worked the overnight shift, with no dental plan.  When the media was caught off guard that the U.S. Government was serious about looking into this topic, thanks to the New York Times article, dated December 17th, 2017, they were shocked that after years of making fun of the ‘tinfoil hat club’ that the conspiracy theorists were right after all.  Immediately the TTSA rolled out Elizondo and Mellon.  We saw the emergence of Cmdr. David Fravor with the eye witness account from his Naval F/A-18 Super Hornet.  All of the sudden Nick Pope became a valuable paid media asset.  It didn’t matter what the media outlet was, it was always one of these four guys speaking in front of the camera or on microphone.  The media members were so shocked they forgot to ask questions.  After decades of ridicule they knew nothing of asking about Roswell, Kecksberg or the Phoenix Lights.  To the MSM, this phenomena all began in 2004 with the USS Nimitz off the coast of California.  They brandished the three UFO videos released by TTSA, as their ‘Holy Crap’ moment.  Not once was anyone else interviewed about this nationally.  No Dolan.  No Cameron.  No Friedman.  No Davenport.  No one.  Journalism and journalistic reporting is supposed to be about point and counter point.  Not once has the media looked into the counterpoint.  Even when the Pentagon announced they’d been looking into UFOs for decades, did any media member ask about Roswell.  How do you miss that one?  Well it’s easy.  When the TTSA gives you the golden geese in Elizondo, Mellon and Fravor, you don’t need anything else.  The story is there for you.  Provided courtesy of the TTSA.  Once again, when you control the narrative, you control the media’s message.  It’s easy when the media is and has been ignorant to the topic.

11) FREE STATS:  Tom DeLonge has been a vocal proponent that any life form that comes from space is mired in evil and needs to be destroyed.  Like I stated above, on the JRE podcast, he was quite loud in the fact that we must put nukes in space to deter any aggressors coming to feed off the people on our planet.  Really?  If they have the technology to fly across the universe to get here, do you really think aliens are worried about primitive nuclear weapons?  But Tom does!  This is why it was so shocking that the head of the late Doctor Edgar Mitchell’s FREE Experiencers Project, which is a study for ET contactees and abductees, Reynerio Hernandez opened up about the fact that Mr. DeLonge wanted to purchase these statistics from FREE.  FREE’s statistics showed in surveying over 4,200 people, that over eighty percent claimed to have positive extraterrestrial contact experiences.  Just sixteen percent were negative.  The rest were on the fence.  So if Tom was so adamant aliens were here to purge our souls, why would he try to buy up stats that tell the contrary?  This doesn’t make sense?  Was it to bury the numbers in the deepest part of his basement, never to be seen again?  That way his negative narrative could thrive?  That’s what it looks like.  Hernandez never sold the statistics to the TTSA to the benefit of the UFO community.  This didn’t make sense, and no one ever asked Tom about this.

12) Disclosure or Confirmation:  Disclosure tells all.  Confirmation does not.  It still has it’s beedy little secrets it gets to hide.  So was Disclosure the key to anything the TTSA did?  My opinion states to some it was.  I believe Elizondo and Mellon want this to happen.  Others, I’m not so sure.  Many of the TTSA team have been enveloped inside the military industrial complex for so long that I believe if they were able to confirm these craft are from an extraterrestrial origin, they might be able to harness the technology from it, and literally make billions, and get the TTSA Space Ship off the ground.  Disclosure is wanting the public to know everything about what is out there beyond our primitive planet.  That we have far more advanced beings and technology coming here, for one reason or another.  For those who’ve experienced their own personal disclosure they already have the answers.  The rest of the world would likely be satisfied if ‘confirmation’ was announced that we are not alone.  That way the story is out without having to give up any big secrets on craft, technology or free energy.  So what are the TTSA boys really going for?  They say ‘Disclosure’ but what does that really mean?
13) UFO History:  To many new to the UFO world, the idea that there was anything before the 2004 Nimitz encounter is hard to fathom.  If you listen or read any of the hundreds of stories that have been posted on the TTSA or UFOs, it all surrounding the Navy incident.  For some reason, we have been amiss on a great deal of UFO history that the Mainstream Media has failed to ask members of the TTSA in all of their media hits.  The public deserves a right to know.  But to this day, three years later, we’re still seeing the three videos, because camera footage makes great television, more so than a talking head.  There are great stories all over the United States and the world that need attention. There’s a couple million people in Phoenix that would like to know what happened on March 13th, 1997?  Instead, they still have the sour taste of Governor Fife Symington mocking his residents with the fake alien at a press conference the following day.  Roswell and St. Augustin New Mexico residents would like some answers.  But all the TTSA talks about is 2004.  With so many sightings and happenings before and after, why not get into more?  If the public deserves to know, as per Tom and crew, let’s get it all on the table.  But somehow, the TTSA has never been asked to answer those questions.

14) SPOOKS:  Previous to the incarnation of the To The Stars Academy the field of ufology was always very weary of those who worked for agencies such as the CIA, NSA, DIA or NRO.  They were considered the UFO killers, vanquishing those who spoke too loud and proud about the topic or their experiences.  So many conspiracy theories about people being shut up or killed over going public with their knowledge or evidence.  Personally I highly doubt many UFO experiencers were actually killed for talking about their sightings.  But we do know that many before the internet age were threatened, like witnesses in Roswell, and Travis Walton as well.  But with the inception of TTSA, we were now supposed to ‘trust’ the spooks whose previous job it was to keep this story underground.  To keep it out of the mainstream.  To continue to work in secret right in front of the public’s eyes.  Sure people knew about Area 51 and Bob Lazar. Sure people knew about David Adair or William Cooper.  Sure people knew about Betty and Barney Hill among others.  But their job, as former spook Rick Doty put it, was to devalue the reports and make people look foolish enough in public so they went away.  Or make them out to be fools just enough where the public didn’t believe them.  But now, with TTSA the spooks are the good guys, masquerading around in super hero capes with the best intentions of the public at hand?  Are we that foolish to believe this?  There’s a game at play here.  What that game is, we really don’t know.  What we do know is the people who originally did not have the UFO public’s best interest at heart, are now being lauded as heroes to the cause.  Does this sound right?

Look in all of this, this is just my observations and opinions from what I’ve viewed over the last three years of TTSA’s arrival.  I will not say they haven’t done a great job at bringing this to the forefront and making this topic one for every day discussion and news.  But there’s a lot more we don’t know about.  With the departures of Mellon, Justice and Elizondo, it makes the direction of the TTSA less clear to those on the outside looking in.  Do we want Tom DeLonge and the TTSA crew to go away? Absolutely not.  We need them.  But we also need them to be more accountable, and have an openness about them where the UFO crowd can help give them the big push they need to get back up on their feet again.  I’m sure DeLonge and his staff have a plan.  But it would be nice if they included staff that were more cognizant of the experiencers and supporters who have been there for them.  In the UFO community, we want leaders.  We need leaders.  We have this yearning for people to believe our message.  TTSA can play a vital role in the future, with some tweaks and band-aids. One giant step towards that would be to allow ufology to take part in their future endeavors.  There’s brilliant people out there that would love to hop on board.  It’s time for the TTSA and Tom DeLonge to get off the stage and crowd surf with the UFO community, because in the end we’re all in this together.  We all have the same belief.  Somehow I unfortunately think this won’t happen.  But I don’t see the TTSA going away either.  They will continue.  TTSA Part II is what we now wait again to see what happens.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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