Spaced Out Radio Team Members

Dave Scott

Host (weekdays)

Host of Spaced Out Radio Monday-Friday, 9:00PM-12:00AM PST.

Dave Scott is the creator and host of Spaced Out Radio, Monday through Friday nights. A former radio journalist, Dave graduated with a diploma in Broadcast Communications from one of Canada’s top Broadcasting Schools in 1998. Dave then spent 10 years in radio, mostly working in sports, before leaving the field to pursue other interests.

Dave started Spaced Out Radio with the support and urging of friend, Jonny Enoch in November 2014. The creation of Spaced Out Radio was a culmination of personal experiences that he could not find the answers to satisfy what was happening to him. Dave’s personal quest into the unknown started in December of 2011, when he had contact from what he calls The Angel of Death, that he saw in his mother’s eyes, which led to his first channeling experience. After this incident, Dave’s personal experiences started becoming more frequent. Paranormal experiences. Premonitions started coming true. A Big Foot sighting with two of the creatures within 100 feet of him. UFOs started appearing anytime he wanted, even though Dave had no idea what “summoning” was. And personal sightings of five extraterrestrials.

Elizabeth Anglin

Host of Cosmic Passport

Host of Cosmic Passport Saturday-Sunday, 9:00PM-10:00PM PST.

Elizabeth Anglin is a psychic, spirit medium and animal communicator who has spent much of her life involved in exploring the line between intuitive and critical scientific thinking. Elizabeth Anglin is a psychic, spirit medium and animal communicator who has spent much of her life involved in exploring the line between intuitive and critical scientific thinking.

She researched Transpersonal Psychology through the Center for Psychology and Social Change at Harvard University, (now the John E. Mack Institute) and became Peer Mentor for people undergoing extreme spiritual emergencies and alien abductions.

An award-winning writer and #1 best-selling author, she recently published book “Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood” now available on Elizabeth is available for psychic, spirit medium, and animal communication sessions through her website.


Dave Cruz

Host - Spaced Out Saturdays

Dave Cruz was born in Oakland, CA in 1970. He grew up learning about different lore and Urban legends from family and friends. Stories of witches, vampires and even possessed dolls were often told at family gatherings. Strange happenings often followed him around. Growing up, Dave watched shows like In Search Of.., Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and That’s Incredible. Often fascinated with the strange, he always questioned his purpose in life. Now some 30 yrs later with the help of Online Radio and Podcast, we re-visit the Strange and Paranormal once again! Truther at large! Host of ‘Beyond The Strange Radio’ and co-founder of KTLK

Jolene Lammers

Webmaster / Sponsor

Jolene holds a dual role with Spaced Out Radio, as both the website developer and sponsor of the show. Jolene is responsible for keeping the SOR website up to date, and running smoothly. When she’s not babysitting the SOR Website, Jolene can be found practicing her own spiritual path through Rivulet Reiki & Readings. She is a reiki master, along with being a very gifted card reader.


Eric Marcum

Editor of The Encounter Online

Eric Marcum is Spaced Out Radio’s resident newshound. Eric find the stories from each corner of the paranormal/supernatural realm and reports on them for Eric is a former United States Navy veteran where he received training as a Interior Communication Electrician. He was then stationed aboard the U.S.S. Nimtiz, where he met Emil Wolfe who would expose him to Multi Theism. Emil also became his mentor in reading the tarot, for which is it was discovered he had a strong affinity.

It was not until 1991 when Eric applied to and was accepted into the freshman class at Austin Peay State University, that his love of all things paranormal would once again be given a chance to breathe the air. This was a period of spiritual growth in which his Roman Catholic upbringing collided with and fused with his love of Taoism. A spiritual hybridism that endures to this day. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology/Medical Technology in 1996, and he has been a practicing ASCP registered MT since. In the last 20 plus years Eric has applied his combined scientific, electronic, and mechanical experience to exploring the paranormal. He lives in a spiritually active home near WInston-Salem NC with his wife Donna who is a critically acclaimed local artist, and his Tonk/Siamese mix cat, B.B.